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  1. I can assure you that I am a human and not a kerbal from your deepest darkest nightmares
  2. 10/10 you are everywhere especially In this area
  3. I think the best place would be Ganymede because it’s size makes it stable and provides a launch platform the the rest of the Jupiter system
  4. How long has it been since the last spacewalk
  5. They have bears with AK’s in the areas where they landed Vostok was funded by the military but used for peaceful reasons. Mercury-Gemini-Apollo existed for the sole reason of beating the Soviets, both salut 1 and Skylab very well could have been used for military purposes but were not. And the only reason ICBMs were used as the rockets were because those were the only rockets capable of doing so, and before the very first American launch attempt Kennedy ordered a new rocket be built (vanguard) to show that we would not use our weapons of war for space. But that rocket failed so he was forced to use an ICBM We need to get back on topic though
  6. Ok this is technically wrong, the German v2 tests were the first thing to reach space BUT those tests were all failed and they did not intend to reach space on those tests. After that captured v2s were brought to America for testing during operation paper clip, which was funded by the USAF but those rockets were meant to be used for testing for future rockets.
  7. trust me I know about the other missile tests, and I was mad at those, but this one is different. It was 100% reckless to test that missile and put the crew of the iss in danger
  8. I feel extremely mad about the missile test for 2 main reasons. 1. they could have almost killed the crew of the iss including cosmonauts THEIR OWN PEOPLE, just to advance their military 2. I am so sick I could puke with space agency’s and military’s using space as their military testing ground. I mean it’s disgusting how they would bring their violence and war to a once peaceful frontier just to advance selfish military objectives and try to get ahead of their competition (The USA, my home country). i mean cmon, we have already fought a war in literally every place imaginable, let’s not bring those wars to space
  9. No @Admiral Fluffy @AtomicTech may come now
  10. Hacks the source code python hill
  11. I’m just gonna create a new hill Hill hill
  12. You were correct @AtomicTech care to join the party
  13. Also how do I covert an iPhone photo to an image on the forums because I did take a photo with my camera and the edited it so my face is not reflected
  14. Banned for knocking the pilot unconscious and now we’re stuck in orbit
  15. picking and choosing between vaccines is not a good idea as all are highly effective
  16. I a classic Soviet Union tactic , I charged your hill, tacking the hill after 3 hours of brutal warfare
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