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  2. The fact of the matter is that star theory was a small developer dedicated the making a product that represents the values they and the community the scientific intrigued community (massively under-representated), just like squad, T2 is a massive development enterprise, they care about money, and will do anything to get it, so it’s a double edged sword, on the one hand, T2 will do anything to make a buck, including disappointing fans, on the other, they have massive resources at their disposal and they can create a game far more appealing that a smaller studio, which brings us back to specifications. T2 knows how anticipated this game will be, and that the second it drops content creators will be on it like ants on sugar, giving them a huge marketing opportunity, they seem how the people on the forums, discord, and any other social platforms eat up every morsel of footage, completely digest it, and send it everywhere, making it really hard to miss any detail, anything they add, even the most minute detail gets seen nearly instantly the forums go into overdrive, so now that they have been giving us steady, tiny drops of the great elixir of KSP2, imagine what it will be like when we get overloaded by info, every single content creator, Matt Lowne, Stratzenblitz, shadow zone, Bradly Wistance, Scott himself, then and many more will jump on it, it will take months to dirty through the information we get on just day one, the community will be super hyped, but we still can’t get the game yet because of the specs, that’s why we know they will find a way to lower them massively. As Shadowzone put it “CAPITALISM”. They will want to milk this hype for every penny they can get, it is necessary in order to get what the put into it out of it tenfold, like game developers always want to do.
  3. The hype train has a minor explosion of 50 megatons before losing all engine pressure following the realization that it needed to upgrade its computers, we are picking up speed again because we will get a decrease in necessary specs
  4. I hope so too, in America we have the day off school that day, so I won’t get interrupted by annoying assignments and class work.
  5. Since I’m pretty sure the clouds and other graphics are what will destroy the computer is there an option to disable them, that would make the game like ksp1 but cooler.
  6. This assumes they keep the kerbalx
  7. I’m going to wait until in meets my specs and accumulate funds to make modifications to my pc, at the point where colonies are released, I am going to INVADE the entire system, starting with the kerbal system, to mine everything, discover every Easter egg, and find the mystery planet, so by the time interstellar is released, I can instantly get to interstellar travel
  8. Something to look at might be the files for KSP1 and 2, if we know what glitches ksp 1, we can test that exact craft in ksp 1, by further experiments we can determine what the slow down is, and the devs can make it possible to remove or tone down that, my PC runs ksp1 fine but gets SHREDDED by Astronomer visual pack
  9. Well, here’s a bright side, those of use with potato PC’s and laptops will get more features at the immediate drop, like colonies
  10. I have a newer intel processor and yet it is nowhere near the necessary GHz
  11. The problem is ram, I could probably meet the rest of the requirements, but I have 8 gb of RAM, which is half the recommended.
  12. And the worst part? Those of us who bouht our pcs after the EA trailer just so we could play KSP2 on the first day now knowing we can’t
  13. In Retrospect, the dream is crushed, I had hoped for 3 years to be able to get in on day one, now I know I can't. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams is being walked, I hope it has a positive destination.
  14. Thank god, I just did some research and it seems that the HP ENVY X360 laptop can take the heat
  15. If I make massive system upgrades to my laptop I might be able to run this
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