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  1. Has anyone made a dv map for this? I know they'd be fairly inaccurate because of the odd orbits, but I like to use them as a baseline for my missions so it's not 100% guess work.
  2. Are the optional ones better or worse in what ways? I'm looking at their file sizes and they're smaller than the ones I already have installed.
  3. Erm, I think i'm using the "normal" ones. Ok from the top of my head in your installzip there's an extra folder called Optional textures? I think I left those alone
  4. Look at how yours was orientated, we've all got it orientated different ways. Mine was basically 180 off.
  5. I don't know what's affecting the rotation variable in hyperedit. I'll have to post there.
  6. Bah, reloaded my game and now it's pointing another way. It loads the config but 220 is no longer the same orientation. It's not too bad though I can easily fix it each time.
  7. Ok I downloaded hyperedit and changed the moons rotation to "220". It looks pretty close to real life now. I presume this is saved in my save game. It even changes colour during luna eclipse.
  8. Thanks, i've downloaded the greenhouse mod. USI has just so much stuff though it overwhelms me, so many different resources and parts and they interact in some way that requires certain other parts and I can't figure it all out. EDIT - Gunna give MKS-lite a spin.
  9. Do any parts exist that can turn mine-able resources into life support resources? Obviously not rocks into food, but chemicals into water and oxygen would be super nice, I want to do mars direct.
  10. Is the moon orientated incorrectly? EDIT - I just drove a rover around the moon and it eventually fell through the scenery and exploded. I'd noticed earlier part of my landing system exploded as I drove away.
  11. http://imgur.com/a/NMzar I started to piece together a video and after an hour of recording and putting it into sony vegas I realised the new nvidia shadowplay records its own notifications, so all my footage has a popup saying it's being recorded :/
  12. Does anyone have a cheat sheet for this? (DV map) I've been using this mod and sending probes and now that I'm working up to sample return/manned return missions I don't know how much DV I'll need to get home. Really looking forward to exploring my favourite moon, Europa.
  13. http://imgur.com/a/NMzar I've done this mission a few times but newer mods are making this a lot better this time around.
  14. In theory all of them with timing, some clever steering, and of course slight burns here and there. Figuring them out before hand though is a whole other can of worms. I made a MOD request thread years ago asking for help to do this and I don't think it got much interest. You've basically got to figure out what transfer windows are open at your destination on the time you get there. It's more complicated than that though. I don't know how that guy did it for NASA before voyager was even a mission concept.
  15. But if you could build something like that on another planet would be cheaper and more effective in space instead?
  16. I got my station arm into orbit but can't get the other end to attach. It's attracted, and that makes the whole thing wobble back and fourth but never seals or snaps.
  17. Not the part count, just I don't want to have to use even more pistons to make it go to the same length. That robotics UI list is long enough for me. Mechjeb doesn't like launching my shuttle when this is the cargo :S
  18. Yeah but then they also lose their length and I'd have to use even more parts.
  19. I was about to post asking how to fit this into a cargo bay. But in the end I just managed to squeeze it in with I believe no clipping.
  20. Oh that's something going over my head. I can edit part configs but mucking about with module manager? no idea :S
  21. Upgraded the station a bit today, as well as a food supply visit from an unmanned craft. I'm referring to it as dragon because of its purpose, and I'm going to try landing it. I'm not sure how those engines and such will fair on a hot re-entry to the KSC, so I gave it an expandable heat shield just in case. The more long term habitat section has been added, along with food storage to extend their sustainability to over a year without resupply on the food front, I honestly don't know about oxygen and water since it's recycled. On that note: (I'm still loving these camera filters, they're great during docking too.) The oxygen and water treatment module got an upgrade, doubling its capacity. Viking reached mars Already discovered some interesting geography No shots of the trench yet, or Olympus Mons. and it took some shots of the two moons Phobos and Deimos Jupiter soon, also going to build some surface probes for the nearby planets. Once Voyager gets to Jupiter I'm going to try seeing how much it'll take to swing it on to Saturn and get moon pictures while passing Jupiter, if I cant it'll travel the Jovian system. My JIMO craft will leave soon, hoping to pay special attention to my favourite moon Europa. This is my first time playing with the IRL planets and I'm feeling like my actually getting to explore.
  22. That's a great looking Mars return craft. Looks similar to those in the concept art zubrin uses in his mars direct presentations. It just needs a built in drill and refining suite to refuel itself before the crew arrives.
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