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  1. Agreeing with tjitte. Also, there's not much to make a comment on with no explanation here. What is it, exactly?
  2. You've also gotta consider, their spacesuits might be like terrariums. Terrariums, the plants in them have a limited supply of oxygen, water and carbon dioxide but can last for ages. You also slightly misunderstand how plants get their energy, yes they do produce food using sunlight, and in turn produce oxygen and this is photosynthesis. The synthesis of food using photons (light). But to then USE that food they produce, they then need to reabsorb that oxygen to respire, releasing carbon dioxide and water. It's a beautiful cycle that only autotrophs can accomplish! (This is technically hypothetical still though, seeing as it requires a fair amount of energy for locomotion or movement of any sort.)
  3. Sor~ry, princess. If you really want to try it out, it's not hard to figure out how to set it up. On topic here, this is so silly.
  4. Oh boy, this sounds fantastic right from the getgo, perfect spelling on the title too. yikes. No pictures or any kind of description of the, quote "already built rocket" to show us?
  5. Out of place from what? a system with one planet and two moons? There's not really much "place" for it to look "out of place" in. I for one think the idea of a green gas giant is pretty amazing, though I might be heavily biased considering my favourite colour is green. ;P
  6. No, not really. They don't have to "spam" 5 times, merely make 5 posts, they can all be constructive and useful or just something utterly random in off-topic or something. It's a method of engaging the community to be a constructive member, as opposed as a lurker/bystander. Also, we're going off-topic again.
  7. It's been said to be part of the debug tools, and will probably only be used for development, though it would be pretty neat.
  8. Man, this was about the time when I first got the game, and when I was still my old alias!
  9. I hear ya, your VTOL inspired me to create mine, it was hella fun and I love it to bits. Quite literally, to bits. It's unreal how many times I crashed it when trying to make it.
  10. The idea is that it's a kerbinbound craft, an aircraft not a spacecraft. The air-breathing engines provide the perfect amount of thrust so that it's not overpowered and rediculous, or underpowered and too weak to fly. The thing flies exceptionally well anyway, with even the lowest of thrusts. I'd done a few experiments working with landing gear, all of which ended in failure. The craft glides too well to be landed vertically, and instead just drops straight down if there's no thrust, and just travels forwards if there is thrust. Horizontal/wheel based landing gear would be too impractical (And would defeat the objective of it being a VTOL) so right now, i can't develop any landing system. Thank you for testing, and I apologise about the iffy takeoff.
  11. My first actual contribution to the forum, wa-hey! So, I heard you wanted a rather attractive, easy to fly and stable VTOL-style craft to mess around with? Oh. You didn't? You're getting one anyway! The Arrowhead. Starting as a little project to create a 'bodied craft' of sorts one afternoon, I got the idea to attempt to create a working VTOL craft (After every single previous attempt had failed) and that idea blossomed. I was still looking for a name for the craft when I'd finished, and I looked from an aerial view and knew it was destined to be The Arrowhead. It's pretty dang fast and glides EXTREMELY well (Probably due to so many wings) along with being very easy to control during takeoff AND flight. Included with just The Arrowhead is an experimental version that has more powerful thrusters and manual control over the angle of each. The controls for the standard jet are 9/0 to raise and lower the jets, For the experimental version, 9/o to control the left jet and 0/p to control the right. Takeoff is a little strange, i've found if you try and do a direct vertical takeoff, you flip backwards, so angle the thrusters a little bit before taking off and be sure to use full thrust. Bundled with the jet is a custom fuel tank I created that has a LOT of fuel in it, sorry for the unrealism, this is meant for aesthetics, not practicality. That should just about do it, happy flying! Oh, probably should've mentioned, you need Damned Aerospace/Damned Robotics for this too. That's it. Gah, and I forgot the download link too! (Mediafire, just in case.) http://www./?92f61pjh6cxj4le