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  1. hello guys i’m new here and not good at english recently i found, if B vessel docked at A vessel, after disconnecting , B vessel’s name was changed, became to another A and the time of vessel also was cleared, start count again from 0year 0day 0hour what should i do before disconnect the dock, to prevent that rename happen
  2. hello guys i’m new here and not so good at english. i try to leave some man on the mun surface to wait some mission like planting a flag mission but maybe coincidence? when there is some guys left on the surface, there is no such flag mission can be found. is that game play strategy? because is too easy to complete? thank you
  3. hello guys i’m new for KSP , recently i used many BAGUETTE ,maybe 40, to have lot of delta v. but when i try to transfer fuel from other fuel tank, there is a huge problem, i must click every baguette one by one . could i press some button makes all baguette was chosen at once?
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