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  1. Thanks! Its fine about the pc. I have been saving up and am nearly half way to the money that I need for a new pc.
  2. Lovely idea! That is something I will most definitely do.
  3. Hmm that does seem like a good idea! I could add da description to all of them to show what they are cause a blank gray texture won’t show much, this does seem like something I would do Huh, seems like a name that could be used. It’s fine about the PC I am saving up to fort a new one as my current replacement is my old computer and it’s an HP office computer so it’s a tad slow but I will manage
  4. I have tried scrolling out to no avail but I will take your advice on updating versions and such.
  5. I do indeed like those names! I thing Far Out would be a great name for it. I think the abbreviation would just be FO, its just easier to say FO then FOAKA. Also, I do plan on doing TrES-2b and HD 80606. am excited to see what this turns into!
  6. BIG ANNOUNCMENT: Hey, if your wondering what happened to Red Skies, I had gotten the majority of stuff done but then my house was broken into and my pc stolen, although I did have a very old copy on a USB drive. Even if my pc had not been stolen I had slowed down on development due to losing interest but more importantly, I was having a very annoying issues with sunflare were it was visible from Kerbin and LARGER than Kerbol, after research I figured out brightness curves and sunflare curves and all that but the new config only gave me Kopernicus error messages and it wouldn't load. I tried getting help but the fixes provided by my peers didn't work. What I'm trying to say is that Red Skies is being delayed, ik I sound like a triple A game company right now but I realized that this might be a tad hard for a first mod. The bright side: Well, I know the first bit was bad news for some people but I do have future plans for a mod similar to Galaxies unbound in the future which WILL INCLUDE the system of red skies as Kohmunn - 17 A along with B. I have lots planned for the future involving this mod. So... what's the name? Welllll, I dont know yet, I am fully open for suggestions in the comments. What can we expect for the NEAR future?: Big things, I plan on making a mod revamping the Jool system and then making a FULL system revamp at 2.7x size kind of like JSNQ but well, different so not really like JSNQ. Seems a lot easier to revamp a system then make a brand new one. When can expect the Jool revamp mod? Well, probably about a month or 2 as im trying to make it high quality so it will take a moment. I will soon post a timeline for what you can expect for the future!
  7. Screenshots: Log: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/645348509222174739/1014344508655292527/KSP.log (sorry for the log being a discord link, cant put a file in a post so I just copied the file link from discord. I mean... if it works is it really that stupid?) Here's my mod list: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/958982308210282506/1014717870279774208/mods.txt Sorry for not including much info in the first post.
  8. I am currently experiencing a bug with Scatterer were the ground and the KSC DISSAPEARS Oh and also, it is in flight too. I have tried so many things to NO AVAIL, I have made 3 new installs, have tried to reinstall scatterer COUNTLESS times, have made sure to be using DX11, changing game versions, spending an hour sifting through my log only to find "Eve shaderloader type not found" which when searched shows NOTHING, and spending hours going around the forums trying to fix this. You may be thinking, "Oh its probably a software issue my friend" BUT no less than a month ago scatterer worked perfectly fine and had good frames but just recently it [snip] itself to a horrid extreme. I have indeed had this problem in the past but that could be fixed by reinstalling scatterer or deleting the atmosphere cache folder. I have uninstalled ALL my mods and used all the "fixes" provided to me by my friends but to no avail. Please god help me my sanity is being sand blasted by this bug and scatterer has became the bane of my existence. I have 2 options, 1. accept that KSP without scatterer looks like absolute [snip] or 2. find a fix for this horrendous bug. I am running on 1.12.2 I have tried 1.12.1 and 1.11.1 AND 1.10.1 no dice
  9. Not quite, Gaseous-giganticus is a tad different
  10. Hey, just recently figured out how to use gaseous-giganticus and and stumped on merging and stitching together the multiple outputs aka cube map. There is 6 outputs. Here is an example of just a unrefined output (there is 4 others but the post would be massive)
  11. Thanks! it appears I underestimated the struggles of making a mod and may take a bit but the people excited for it makes me want to work more
  12. New Sneek Peek! I recently made the texture for the gas giant of Boralis, its named Quil
  13. Thank you so much, I have a lot bigger plans for the mod than these 2 prototype planets and I hope I can make it something nice.
  14. Thanks I'll put the configs in here, the gas giant config is mostly temporary while I produce my own.
  15. Thanks I will try and fix the lighting, I never knew how much of a pain making a mod could be.
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