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  1. Hello. I´m having the issue of the pink square, I´m using the last version of planet shine ( I tried with the previous one too (2.6.5), I reinstall the mods twice and the little pink square stays there. https://imgur.com/h6dtu5S https://imgur.com/WZYeXKm Ksp 1.12.3 As for visual stuff, I´m using RSS, EVE, scatterer 0.0772, astroniki sunflare for RSS 1.0, REO 0.3.2, Distant object 2.0.2 thanks in advance
  2. Hello, Just reporting : A rover on the moon was ejected to space after a timewarp with the error "LandedWhileActuallyFlying", rp1 version 1.12.15/Ksp 1.12.3 bests,
  3. I just update to the last version of Rp-1/RO (ckan) and now can´t load 1 ship because of a missing part (?) The missing part is RO-Saturn I- IU, not sure if I did something wrong, I guess that this should not be happening. log is here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rvkrbz7f4q2bzqc/KSP.zip/file thanks,
  4. Hello, another question, it seems that in my install Near future electrical are not working with RO, reactors have no power at all, they were working fine before the update, I´m not using kerbalism on this install so uninstalling dynamic battery storage, as is suggested on another forums makes no change at all. Any clue or suggestion to where to look at? thanks
  5. Hello, Just update RO to last version (from 1.13) and now there is a part that is missing from the vessels in my save, the part is RCSBLOCK.V2 as the part is missing, the vessels are not loaded and I´m losing my save.. log´s here https://www.mediafire.com/file/g2n3wvq11vx27ap/KSP.log/file thanks in advance, Disclaimer: just in case, I´m aware of the issues related to update RO from 1.13 to 1.14, this is not something related to fuel pressure in tanks or whatever else that make engines on a previous save not functional, that is not the topic of my question, this is a missing part--thanks.
  6. Hello, I´m having the issues described on #3219 when tryng to land on an asteroid, the ship (or kerbal) pass through the surface of the object and then the game crash. KSp 1.12.3, RSS and Kopernicus updated to last versions through Ckan, principia version is l’Hôpital. The only reference I found on the glog folder was this one: @ 00007FF88B9B443F google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal [0x00007FF88B9B443E+46] @ 00007FF8627B0E12 principia__VesselVelocity [0x00007FF8627B0E11+1211505] @ 00007FF862659824 principia__ReportPartCollision [0x00007FF862659823+387] @ 00000282D5F3F3F6 (No symbol) [0x00000282D5F3F3F5] F1227 18:06:37.667912 18476 plugin.cpp:572] Check failed: v2.WillKeepPart(part2) PotatoRoid (31936F5E) will vanish https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/issues/3219 #3219 was considered fixed but it seems it is not.
  7. Yes I have more backups than games...by the way I found the issue, it´s related with Far Future technologies mod, and that was the last mod added to the list, after uninstall it, all the warnings disappear cheers
  8. Wow that was a lot of work and effort, thank you very much, you really try to go to the end of the thing for to find a solution and I really appreciate that, now for the time being, and as I say previously, removing KSPwheels fix the issue of the non-sized parts, in my game things go back to normal, with exception of the warning messages of tweakscale at loading the game and BP9 (not sure if I´m using that specific part, so maybe I will call the janitor closet), so in the end, the problem is solved for me, as I can´t see any anomaly that prevent me to keep playing my game. Thanks again, and cheers!
  9. Okay...I still have the warning message at start loading the game, BUT now sized parts are OK, what I did? I remove the KSPwheel mod that is installed by default by other mods (ROcapsules) as a dependency (and it is a mod that was NOT listed as a dependency on the old version of ROcapsules for 1.10.1, the version from where I update to 1.12.3). I could n´t remove it using Ckan because it wants to uninstall the other dependent mods so I uninstalled manually and voila! sized parts are ok now, I don´t think that should be a problem, apart for quitting some realism to wheels behaviour.. So maybe there is some incompatibility between KSPwheels and Tweakscale. But I still have the warning message, dunno why if I have the last version of Tweakscale installed, do you have any clue about how to get rid of it? thanks in advance
  10. and there you go ...https://www.mediafire.com/file/t8akgc2fz38g5kr/exported-Ksp+1-12-3-RSS.ckan/file
  11. Yeah, I have backups, MJ2 uninstalled, same issues, hope this can help log https://www.mediafire.com/file/j1hyj6lxk4byhsu/KSP.log/file
  12. So I just update a game from 1.10.1 to 1.12.3 using Ckan, when I run the updated game a warning message appears saying that tweakscale is not known to work on 1.12.3 (?), indeed all my scaled parts on the game returned to his default size, I hope there is a way to fix this.. log https://www.mediafire.com/file/j1hyj6lxk4byhsu/KSP.log/file thxs in advance
  13. It works perfectly, Thanks !
  14. let´s say that I would like a more turbine/jet sound for the GP-22 turbojet engine, what edit should be done?
  15. I have installed REX over RSS in ksp 1.12.3, so far didn´t note anything strange, but I have not reached the REX planets yet, so the only thing that I can see is that in map view, planets look normal, no noticeable graphic glitches, but I don´t know about the mechanics of the planets or anything else related, any experience about it?
  16. True, my bad for not doing the right research before asking,
  17. I like physical reality, That´s why I´m using this mod, I did the report because somebody ask for it in a previous message. thnks,
  18. RSS here, muffling starts at5000m, it never goes really silent, only very low, sonic boom appears at around 48-50km and the sounds comes back from there.
  19. The door is open for inconsistencies caused by the interaction with other mods externals to the suite recommended for RSS/RO on 1.10.1, mainly Interstellar technologies /action groups extended/action groups manager, this mods were checked on the testing process and finally uninstalled at all, hausdorff was the initial candidate for a stable gaming, but after some time of game the pitch lookup issue appear again, so I roll back to the हरीश चंद्र version, no issues with that until now.
  20. Hello There, Just want to share my experience, and maybe report some kind of bug related to principia versions from hausdorff on. I have one install of RSS/RO on KSP 1.10.1, that I have keep updating with principia versions as the game grows. In some moment of the game related to the last 5 months, I start to get inconsistent behaviour in MJ2, related to errors on circularization maneuvres, plotted trajectories way off and so on, also, I start to get errors related to maneuvrability of VTOL ships, mainly related with pitch lockups, that make impossible to get manual control of the ship, this issue was not apparent on SAS, only in manual control. I´m gonna state that I did every test available on this so this is not a problem related with trim locks, reaction wheels or whatever else, so let´s put all the obvious things aside. I have backups of the game that I did every time that I add a new mod or a new version of a mod, so I roll back into my backups until I got an install that did not have this issues, the principia version on this install was hamilton, I update the principia version to the last one in that moment (hermite) on this install and all the issues appear again. Trying to recover as most as I could from my game, I start checking all the other recent backups, I got the same issues with every version of principia from version hausdorff on. The version 2022020106-हरीशचंद्र (whatever that means) is the last one that gives me a stable gaming with no abnormal issues using MJ2 2.12.3 , and it is the version that I use on my installs now. It is always possible that this experiences are caused for some combination of mods interacting weirdly between them, but I solved in my case in the way described before, I report this as an user experience that maybe can help others. bests,
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