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  1. In SPH, when selecting the "direct cycle nuclear turbojet" from the parts tab to place it, I get the following error message: "[ModuleSrfFX]: No IThrustProvider module found at index 0!" Could this be relevant to my problem?
  2. So regarding my previous post, I found out that the nuclear turbojet engine works the first time I attach the part to a vessel. When starting up the engine, the message "switching to alternate fuel mode: Uranium Oxide" is shown. Then, without modifying anything, if trying to launch the same vessel again, nothing happens. What could explain this weird behavior? Please help.
  3. Hi! I have recently installed this mod to make use of the "direct cycle nuclear turbojet" engines. As described by other players, I have run into problems with the in-editor "Switch Fuel" button, making the tank content disappear. I tried installing older versions of the mod, as I often tend to do, since I'm playing on KSP 1.8.1. This made the fuel switching possible again, but introduced other issues with screen fulcrum, making the game crash. The funny thing is that I managed to make the engines work once or twice, but they tend to behave unreliably. My guess is that there is something messed up with the resources in the tanks and those needed by the engine. My install contains many different mods, among which: - B9 part switch 2.14.0 for 1.8.1 - Community Ressource Pack 112.0.1(newest) - Configurable Containers 2.4.8 for 1.8.1 - Cryo Tanks 1.6.4(newest) - USI MKS 112.0.01 - Interstellar Fuel Switch 3.29.4 - Interstellar Fuel Switch Core 3.29.4 - Interstellar Extended 1.29.6 Now I read previously about possible required tweaks in the WarpPlugin folder. Could this be a solution? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks much. I had forgotten some duct tape in a KIS container on the ship to build. Solved my problem.
  5. While trying to build a ship in orbit with Extraplanetary Launchpads, I ran into another situation. For the building resources, the dialog box shows duct tape as a requirement to build the craft. Though I have duct tape in a KIS container, it is not picked up by the mod. Since duct tape is an item from OSE workshop, I assume EL is being patched by OSE to make duct tape a requirement? How can I disable this? It would make life easier, especially with the 2 different inventory systems.
  6. Turns out the GUI position is defined in: GameData\ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads\Plugins\PluginData\Launchpad\settings simply editing the file before launching the game solved the problem.
  7. Recently, when playing with EL, the GUI in-flight menu jumped to the top right of the screen, making it impossible to interact with EL. Is there any simple solution this?
  8. Hi all, I used this mod happily about a year ago and it really changed the gameplay. Using it together with stage recovery was a lot of fun and it made automation of tasks really easy. Coming back to this mod now, I am running into a questionable situation. When recording a new transport mission, I find that after landing back on Kerbin, the refund price of the vessel is not deduced from the cost of the mission. When I click "stop & save", the cost of the mission is locked to the current expense, which was exactly the same when in orbit. Imo, it shouldn't be, otherwise, what is the point in bringing back the vessel? https://imgur.com/a/jBaWnvQ BTW, no error logs detected.
  9. Hello, in my current game, I made a vessel with a workshop from the mod OSE Workshop which I attempted to use with the Global Construction mod. As GC showed "no Workshop" in the ingame menu, I looked into the files of both mods. In the part file "Orbital Workshop" of the GC mod, if found a module called "SingleVesselConstructionWorkshop". In the part file "OSE_Workshop", I added the same lines to make the workshop usable with the GC mod. Ingame, I loaded up the craft, but GC still wasn't showing a usable workshop. Would be great if someone could give me some tips! Have a nice day!
  10. It turned out to work and show correct behavior with following versions(compatibility): KSP: 1.8.1 OSEWorkShopReworked: Konstruction: and
  11. I recently tried using this mod in a heavily modded install, though it was failing with error: "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" I uninstalled and reinstalled mods to track down the incompatibility and found out a conflict between the following two mods: KSP: 1.8.1 OSEWorkShopReworked: Konstruction: 112.0.1 Posting this for the sake of documentation. Maybe it can help somebody.
  12. Hi! I recently came back to KSP and discovered this thread. It is amazing to see how dedicated you are and the whole documented mod progress until now. Keep up the good work, I'll be watching for the release, as so many others!
  13. Well, I saw a few of your posts regarding modified launch clamps, but I haven't really tried to mess with that by myself. If somehow I was able to get my hands on a config file *wink*, I would probably give it a try. Thx for telling me about Foundations, I found the most recent posts and I might try it. I should add that I am playing on 1.8.1, because of mods I like. Take care
  14. @Hohmannson Interesting topic. As I have suffered some kraken attacks recently and also in a matter of building horizontal launchpads, I have come across your various posts. You seem to be quite involved in finding a stable solution to surface attached bases. Discovering tons of mods recently, I came across one called Airpark, and so I was wondering if deploying a base frame a few meters above ground would not be a good solution to getting rid of the problem once and for all. Maybe the clamp part could be modified through the config file as to be purely visual so that it may look like the base is standing on pillars, while in reality being fixed in mid air. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  15. Ok, thx. I'll contact you once I am approved. I'm new to the forum.
  16. Yes they are installed. I am using ckan. Well, in the end, I am just looking for a safe way to deploy bases near the ground(i.e. launchpads and others). The idea was to airpark a launchpad a few meters above the ground. Any other solution might be good too.
  17. Well, after testing, I can say it does not seem to work. I don't get the message on the top of the screen, but the craft keeps moving when I press park. I could also just recompile the code locally with some help.
  18. Thank you very much! Is there any chance this might be possible for 1.8.1?
  19. Hi, and first of all thx for adopting this mod as well as all the work you've done for modded KSP, linuxgurugamer! While using the Airpark mod, I noticed that freezing a craft is not possible on the moon, as it's status is marked to be "orbit or suborbit". Now is there a specific (functional) reason why it should not be possible to freeze a craft in orbit? Or is there any possibility to enable this? I tried commenting out the line that checks if vessel.situation is orbiting in AirParkPartModule.cs, but I haven't yet managed to recompile successfully(because I don't know how the project is built). Have a nice day
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