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  1. speaking of beans, a big pot of chili sounds good right now
  2. banned for being too good at video production
  3. fingers crossed for january launch of flight 420
  4. Should definitely be a option, like a panel mode switch
  5. Hey there. I have a logitech flight yoke (https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/flight/flight-simulator-yoke-system.html) with throttle, pedals, ya know,all the fixins. How do I map this in KSP?
  6. problems: 1. that's so cursed 2. starship is way wider than orion and would require a ridiculous adaptor 3. Starship will never EVER be expended. Period. That just won't happen. 4. CURSED
  7. Couldn't a Engineer kerbal just shift it ever so slightly? @CobaltWolf have you ever considered Sea Dragon parts?
  8. From what it looks like, your CPU is too overpowered for your GPU. CPU should never be that low if your GPU is so high
  9. RocketLab separations are always fun to watch (woop woop page 42)
  10. lol fun fact: SR2's dragon capsule is actually called komodo as well
  11. Looks like a bottleneck, might be possible that your GPU can't keep up with your CPU
  12. That's KSP physics for ya. Whenever you dock, send a Engineer Kerbal to strut the ports together, it lowers the chance of this happening
  13. My bad. Not sure how I missed it , but thanks!
  14. I personally like the theory that they are siblings - they just seem to be so alike
  15. We should be lucky that they have shown us as much as they have. Be grateful for what you are given. They don't have to release any videos. (sorry if I came off as harsh) I have no idea how I missed that. Vital piece of gameplay, and it looks excellent (referring to vid not comment)
  16. This beaut just made it's debut as my first working SSTO
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