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  1. https://imgur.com/a/YG4JOOh I'm having visual issues. @themaster401 Kerbin has these weird CYM lines and Jool's clouds are dark. No, I am not reverting my Scatterer version to 0.07xx. Using lower-quality textures did not fix the problem. I'm going to try going without the 43k cloud textures
  2. Huh. Weird. ...You had to remove the details from the list? How did you do that? Edit: ah, MagPie mods.
  3. https://imgur.com/a/7IHXRAK These two parts in particular have broken transparencies, for some reason. Any help would be appreciated. @Nertea
  4. I seem to be in the same predicament as @intelliCom. @themaster401Any help for us? Also, I'm having this issue with Kerbin's atmosphere. (installed: Scatterer, EVE Redux) (Issue only occurs with the latest version of Scatterer)
  5. More issues. - Kerbin only has sparse clouds. No real cloud formations appear, it's just these clouds all the time. [Other relevant mods installed: Latest versions of EVE and Scatterer] Other issues I won't get into: - Eve has blue clouds in some places - Duna is still blue, had to delete the EVE configs I think I'm gonna try reverting to a previous version of Spectra.
  6. I think I figured out a solution. In the EVE menu in-game, how do you delete DunaAtmoScattererBlue? - I was using CKAN until I last had to reinstall every mod. It now bugs out, asking to install mods that are already installed, so now I'm not using CKAN. I did delete the mod folders before replacing them, yes. I didn't Cut/Paste.
  7. - Troubleshooting did not work - Using an older version of Scatterer also did not work I also couldn't've tampered with EVE, as I don't know how even to use the settings. Help
  8. Hello, I'm experiencing a glitch with Duna. I've posted the same issue on Reddit, but so far I haven't gotten any satisfactory answers. Duna looks bluer in that post because I messed around with EVE clouds, which may actually be connected to the issue. As you can see, Duna has gained blue coloration and EVE seems to be messing up. (Only cloud config available is "DunaAtmoScatterBlue", and the name is invalid(?)) - I have already reinstalled both Spectra and EVE several times - All other planets look as they should - I am at a loss for what to do Thank you in advance for any help. @HafCoJoe
  9. Interesting... Redownloaded the mod through CKAN and didn't work. Am I supposed to install this manually? Did I miss a file or something? I've entered a ForceOpenGL command on the Steam Console and don't know if I've removed it. Also, OS is just normal Windows 10. (if that helps) WELP, seems like it
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