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  1. Reloading game fixed but it's really weird. Dunno what I did
  2. @Dew169 441gb of 861gb so hd is fine. Literally cannot play the game in one evening without over 3 game crashes. Any PS4 users out there without same experience?
  3. Hi PS4 user here. Following a blue screen crash during orbit of kerbin, reloading game and opening save I managed to somehow cause the KSC to hide all the building menus. I can scroll through each using d pad but I'm unable to enter any of them. The blue screen crash didn't need a 'recovery' at all on the save file, it loaded fine and so did the KSC until I went to navigate. Any ideas?
  4. Last night I had a crash to blue screen just actually moving around on Duna... It's ridiculous. Trouble is I have no way to backup the save game. I'm not being funny but this needs some input from the development team, there's clearly something on the PS4 edition. Ps. I'll check disk space thanks for the pointer... Maybe it's trying to use hdd space as ram and blocks out at the top end... But it makes no sense. The crashes just seem so random. The one last night was just so weird, literally moving about on the surface. Never had that before. I read that you can still use k&m on PS4 ? I think I might go for a complete uninstall and reinstall soon if it continues. Sucks as I'll have to start my career all again.
  5. Are there any diagnostics I can run on PS4 to help work out why my game had decided to crash more frequently? Tonight for the 3-4 time this week experienced a hanging screen, this time during flight around Ike just as I was ready to descend. I left it around 5 minutes and it crashed to PS4 blue screen. Getting slowly fed up of the game with these crashes. Don't know how much more I can put up with it which is pretty rubbish
  6. I genuinely think it's got worse for me since this post in September. I never had any issue with hanging on ps4 during flight but in the last 3 days every night I've had a hanging issue. Latest one after getting everything ready to land on Ike for the first time.. I think I took a quicksave so not end of the world. Maybe it's been programmed to break so as to avoid being used as an excuse for tiredness I dunno but it definitely is more frequently crashing at the moment.
  7. Well that's cacky, Ive been loving playing until recently, there's just so many gameplay impacting errors. I don't mind odd bugs here and there but crashing or hanging is the worst gameplay experience, expecially when it's frequent and has the ability to remove an entire save. Ive just given up tonight as it crashed once on the loading of the vab again but even worse a new issue seems to have crept in. first time ever seen this in ksp but a screen hang twice in one hour gameplay tonights sent me off angry. This happened in actual gameplay, the sound was still playing Note, my vab has 255 part limit so it's worrying that the performance hits come in now
  8. 3rd one tonight... Viewing KSC and went to menu > load game > deleted some saves I had made tonight Cursor stopped responding/screen hung, no button combination recovers it. Can hear the birds at the ksc but unable to activate the cursor and PS4 noise increased significantly. If I wait it out I'll get a blue screen again. Hard enough this game on console let alone without these regular errors.
  9. If you the op is anything like me I'm also noticing a lot more crashing back to PS4 bluescreens and rather than start another thread I'll just add my experiences here - PS4 software version 9.00 - ksp enhanced edition latest version - play on default controls, with the advanced tweekables on -career mode only, no other game saves - in game quicksaves max 5. Maintained - stock example ships are turned on My experience is predominantly if I'm going from vab to launch or vab to KSC, or from flight reload to vab or KSC. Something's going from to the tracking centre. Intermittent during the loading phase, it slows down and then sound goes and I'm crashed to a PS4 blue screen. Sometimes when reloading it says there was a corruption and tries to recover it, majority of time it works, once I couldn't recover and lost 100s hours worth of effort. Now, it's difficult to pin a reason on this - i would suggest it's memory leaks due to the nature of the crashes, but this in part my own personal advancement in the game rather than any recent updates... am building more and more complex craft as I improve and I'm into year 13 with near final tech tree so maybe it's more expected to fall over? When I was a beginner maybe less likely to error this way and so I perceive there are more errors than ever. Trouble is it is soul destroying, ksp is not a game that you pick up and put down, we spend hours on building things... If it wasn't for a very timely save just now I would have lost 2hours design work. So I can understand the ops pov. The simplest way to help us ps4 players is enable a Copy 'Game save' option in the load save menu. Having this would mean we could backup our precious saves and recover them easily, then I'd probably be less on edge playing. I know there are ps+ save options but I'm not ps+ and nor should I have to sign up for it to deal with something that really based on its unstable nature should be in the enhanced edition. Surely this isn't too much to ask?
  10. Hey Grant, thanks for the update. I don't know if there is something wrong on the current PS4 version or if it's just I'm playing it better and doing more but I have to say I'm really getting frustrated at the frequency of crashes of late, specifically something that's definitely not normal is a hanging, actual complete hang in the VAB which then blue screen errors. I find it actually one of the buggiest games I've ever played... Literally ever so I don't deny blitworks did a good attempt to port but frankly it's not finished. So where are us ps4 users left? The free upgrade is a nice gesture but I've no need for a new console just to get the game working, certainly not at just shy of £400 for the pleasure. If you added a way to save the game files or make backup game files for non ps+ users this would be at least something but I'm on tenderhooks for when I next loose my career mode of hours of work.
  11. Whilst great news for ps5 players, can you please provide maintenance to those of us putting up with the existing console edition by fixing the constant crashes in the PS4 edition. The latest of which just resulted in me losing 100s of hours of very enjoyable gameplay, rockets and progress! I'm not shelling out on a ps5 anytime soon as I'm not made of money, and frankly at the moment I'm amazed you have let us carry on using such an unstable game.
  12. PS4 user here. Just about got used to all there is to know on KSP basics and been building out my career nicely, last night I added another module to my munstation, about 5 modules in total. Spent a good hour getting it docked and saved game fine back to the KSC. I had a fleet of boosters in sub assembly and have been really enjoying the game. Last night I quickly loaded back into my munstation to check a few things again before closing for the night and it blue screen errored. It's done that a few times since I've been playing and usually it just loads up the last persistent save file fine. But for unknown reason on loading just now it says corrupt file keep or remove. I selected to keep but now when trying to load my career save has been removed. Noticed on here a few old threads but not for a while, as we recently had updates to breaking ground on PS4 I wondered if old bugs have crept back in or if this is just a result of poor quality on console versions? End result, I've lost hours and hours of hard graft and enjoyable gameplay... All those seat of the pants rescues and missions I've completed are down the drain and I've been forced to start new career. Am I the only one that thinks this is very poor? Even if they aren't releasing new updates anymore, surely we need a stable game to play!?
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