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  1. Can you tell what version of ps4 you have? Have a look at the model number. And do you not get any errors or crashing at all? Lucky! Also, some view of how deep into the game you are. I.e been to other bodies or just Kerbin?
  2. Games not been designed for keyboard use really so doesn't surprise me. I think it's pretty much just been done to help with naming things quickly. I just stick to console controller tbh
  3. [shouts into the night] HELLLLLLOOOOO...ANYBODY THERE??? @StarSlay3r... Anyone???
  4. Thanks for moving. Seems like noone plays it on console anymore, maybe that justifies the reason there's no sign of an update
  5. Yeh... Just got to 46k from surface of eve... Blasting through... Sound of plasma levels getting insane... And then... Screen hangs... Sound continues... Welcome to another blue screen of death I've learnt that if you crash during this hanging, it's likely you can reload without the corruption.
  6. PS enhanced edition player experience poll https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/210857-ps-enhanced-edition-player-experience-poll/
  7. Hi all, I want to gather some stats on PS enhanced edition user experience, it seems we have differing experiences playing the game and I'm trying to piece together the link. Some claim to play without issue and whilst many, if not, the majority get constant crashing and hanging during play. Please fill out if you play on enhanced edition on PS 4 or 5 for that matter. Cheers Ande
  8. Hi, so can you navigate the menu and still build a new one? What if you load SPH and build in there? Same? Only funny I could think is the names all having 11 in them... Maybe it's got itself a bit confused. It will be using a unique key in the database and likely the name forms part of it. What if you start a new career, assuming this would work fine?
  9. No idea, did you fix it? I guess you could try re-trimming it. But I turned this off ages ago on console as kept on triggering by mistake
  10. Mines CUH-1216b @uncle grim can you send the model numbers of yours. Based on the info from Rutabaga I'd steer towards anything pre CUH-20xxx being the common similarity. Ideally need more ps4 players to tell us. Is it possible to do surveys through this forum?
  11. Any news for us ps4 players about our promised update? Even if just to say it's delayed would be nice to know it's still being pushed.
  12. @Rutabaga22 can you tell me the model number of your ps4 please? instructions https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/hardware/ps4-find-serial-and-model-numbers/#:~:text=The model number is located,the bottom of the chassis. I had a crash earlier today when I tested. I got about an hour of play and then tried to load a save and it crashed.. loaded and said data corrupt and then rebuilt it and recovered to where I was... So I think there's something in the way it's storing to hard disk on saves, could be your issue with the missing parts is when it's trying to autosave. ... I think this is the problem. I'd love to turn off autosave but it's hard coded.
  13. If I send you my save file it might prove one way or the other
  14. Yeh true. i play Cities Skylines and that is a monster graphics wise. It causes the ps4 to go very loud, but I've never once had a crash from it. What is the blue screen error you get? Is it the generic C-0xxxxxx error? Basically roughly translated to, "something went wrong but the program has not been designed to tell me anything else" Hey Rutabaga, can you please post some information about your setup. It looks to me like you in fact may hold the key. If you seriously don't get any crashes in this game then we need to know why.... Cus actually you are in the minority it seems
  15. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/hardware/ps4-find-serial-and-model-numbers/#:~:text=The model number is located,the bottom of the chassis. Please post, - which console do you guys have? - What issues / errors do you see? Frequency... Tech tree level, planets visited...and anything else you feel is relevant.
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