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  1. Hello! As the name says, I need you to submit a Nuke that destroys things. Send pictures of it destroying KSC, and the Wilderness. Requirements are below. Bye! Requirements: 1. MUST BE NUCLEAR 2. MUST BE STOCK (No DLCs or Mods allowed) 3. Reaches orbit (Optional if you want orbital Strikes) 4. ACTUALLY DESTROYS THINGS 5. MUST BE IN VERSION 1.11.2 Thanks and ENJOY!!!!
  2. I'd like that too.
  3. Hi! This thread is for people who want to try other people's SSTOs and Rockets. Rules, Requirements, Guides, and Destinations are below. Enjoy! Rules: 1. No DLCs or Mods that add parts. 2. Must fit requirements (see below) 3. Must be original (Modified versions of other spacecraft is allowed) Requirements: 1. For Beginners. 2. Easy to Control. 3. Can reach at least one of the Destinations (see below) a Flyby is allowed. 4. Must be launchable from the Original Kerbal Space Center (KSC). Destinations: 1. Orbit around Kerbin 2. Mun 3. Minmus 4. Duna Guides: Basic Rocket Probe And Satellite 1 Basic Satellite 2 Rover Plane Design 1 Spaceplane Basics Plane Design 2
  4. BTW I really like Matt Lowne. I watch his Vids. I even watched his movie called "Duna Attacks: A KSP Movie"! That's a MUST WATCH! OK! Sorry! Thanks! I've been playing a few day and I've decided to love it. Its a great game and it deserves some credit!
  5. I'm practically able to make rockets that can go into space but not to orbit... hehehe.
  6. Hey guys! Can you give me some tips on how to build rockets and Spaceplanes? I'm new, and I'm looking forward to make some rockets. Thanks!
  7. Hey, SQUAD! I'd like to suggest a few features and alot of things. I would like to see a button to add custom planets. I'd also like to add more parts (see below for list). I'm gonna leave you guys for the designs (IM BAD AT MODELING). Thanks! I really hope you add these. Engines: Kerbality Robotics Inc. - LV - 9870 Engine "Puffman" - LV - 9871 Engine "Locklight" - RS 10 Command Capsule Az Kerbospace Engineering - JTV - 78 - 9 Jet Engine "Ocelot" - JTV - 27 - 0 Jet Engine "Omen" - Omega 20 Spaceplane Cockpit Ovelap Corp - Joolicard 4 Antenna - Joolicard 4 Antenna - X - K-Factor 9 Command Pod Lowne Aerospace Engineering (Ships) (Credits to Matt Lowne and Lowne Aerospace, a KSP Player and KSP aerospace company) - Argus (Comes in Argus, Argus 2) - Odyssey - Phantom (Comes in Duna Phantom, Minmus Phantom, Mun Phantom, Laythe Phantom, and Mun Phantom II) - Dune (Comes in Dune 1, Dune 2, and Dune 3) - Archangel (Comes in Archangel, Archangel 2) - Artemis - Acacius 2 - Engadine
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