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  1. Normally I think that Module Manager when saved caches load faster than alot compare to creating caches. But idk why but it just so slow with saved caches. That doesnt even make sense!!! :|
  2. I hope that KSP 2 won't delay again . I've been waiting for this since 2018! Although my laptop's graphic card probably not compatable with it but I just need to low down the graphic setting and it ready to go! I wonder what the main menu would look like cuz KSP 1 main menu is pretty boring and not many option lol .
  3. So do adding launch parameters make KSP use lesser Ram without impacting the performance? Except for -force-opengl and -force-glcore cuz idk why it cant launch KSP with them
  4. KSP loading time is really long, it take about 5-30 mins to load the game and could take longer with mods installed. I'm player KSP 1.12 and I notice that the first loading after install a new mod is longer than loading with no change to the GameData folder. So if I'm right, it could be a problem for low-performance laptop that want to make a mod cuz everytime reload it could take 30 mins per test! Is there any solution?
  5. Is this script going to impact the performance? Like fps lost or sth like that!
  6. Does that script effect my game performance? Like low-fps and such.
  7. I usually play ksp a lot! But the problem is it using too much RAM! I can't even open my browser cuz it would use up all remaining memories and crash the System. Many people said that add the -force-opengl to the shortcut but everytime I switch from the game to the desktop it just automaticly crash. Same thing happen with -force-glcore. I haven't try -force-d3d11 though but my GPU's DirectX version is 12 so it should able to run DirectX 11 right? If I do that what is the impact? I currently install ClickThroughBlocker, ToolbarControl, FMRS, KER, ModularFlightIntergrator, RecoveryController, StationPartsExpansionRedux, ZeroMiniAVC, ModuleManager and 2 Expansion Pack!
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