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  1. Ohhh wait. Never mind. The satellite antennas aren't relay. Well time to launch new satelites...
  2. I am pretty sure that these are the right ones. The connect to each other with a green line. Maybe I will try another satellite with a different antenna to be sure. The ones on the rover are communotron 16s (the tall thin antennas)
  3. I had two antennas. The one on the top of the rover broke, but the one on the side didn't. The satellites are both in line of sight and have not gotten further. I am going to launch a new rover, this time with better satellite dishes. First I will try changing the communication settings though.
  4. The rover used to have a connection, for some reason it doesn't anymore. I can see by the green lines that both of my mars satelites have connections to ksp. The rover just wont connect to the satelites. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  5. So I finally successfully landed a rover on duna, and now I cant make it move. It has full power, with solar and batteries, and the landing legs extend, lights turn on and off, brakes work as normal, and the thrusters I have will turn on with the z key, and turn off with the x key, but shift and control don't do anything. The main problem is, I have no steering or motion with the wheels. The icon in the top left says partial probe control, and the context menu that shows up when I right click the probe body (rovemate) says partial control. It had a bit of a rough landing but the only part that broke was one of my lights. It also has no connection, when I know it did earlier (still after it has landed though), and my antenna is extended and it is in direct range of my orbiting relay satellite. My rover has woked completely as planned when I have tested on earth, with full control. How can I fix the rover control issues? (and hopefully the connection and thruster issues) I can send screenshots, parts etc if needed.
  6. I have a satellite that is very close to Duna, and I am trying to put it in orbit. After a ton of tinkering with it, I eventually have my orbit like this: (it escapes Duna off the right side of the picture) https://imgur.com/a/oM0H1C0 (For some reason the insert from URL button wont work) The light blue arrow is the direction my thrust is going (the ship moves in the opposite direction of the arrow when i burn) The red arrows are the direction my orbit moves when i burn in that direction. The periapsis moves a bit and the part of the orbit past the PE moves more depending on how far away from the planet it is. I need help getting this satellite into orbit, because i just cannot do it. I have burned in just about every possible direction to no avail. (My engine is a Dawn, so it isnt the fastest)
  7. Thank you everyone for your advice, I will try it and see what i can do!
  8. yes. The station has a fairbit of propellant, but no main boosters, the ship has just the capsule propellant, but it also has its main booster
  9. I have been trying to dock a ship with a station, and I am really close. I have been following this and this tutorial, and I have had some issues. I have gotten my ships within about 100m, then they seem to speed up (relative) before passing each other within 50 meters and zooming away in the opposite direction. I then point towards target and burn so that my ships start moving towards each other again. I am 99% sure this is the wrong way to do it and I need some help. After doing this a few times (and a few crashes - luckily I quicksaved). I just reset my orbits so that they intersect within about 200 meters of each other in about 6 mins (paused rn). I really need some guidance about how to do that last 200 meters while keeping my speed under 2 m/s. https://imgur.com/a/BBvWsYq
  10. Hmm, seems smart. Too bad I build it so that even if I opened the payload fairing that is covering the station, I built it so that the docking port is covered by the fuel tanks. I think I will just have to live with it, I just wanted a nice-ish orbit (and then got a little carried away making it as perfect as I could get it). It is about 230,000 m? Do you think that will be good enought? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you everyone for the advice btw!
  11. I am making a space station and have been adjusting its orbit before I decouple the fuel and engine. It is kind of a stupid question but is there anything else I should do to my orbit before I decouple my engines? It is already at 0 inclination and 0 eccentricity.
  12. Ok, thank you for the help! I will have to look at that! I eventually managed to get the inclination to 0 after just going around my orbit and manually trying to burn normal, if that didnt, than i tried antinormal, if that didnt work than I would move a bit further around the orbit and try again. If the incliation decreased at all then I would make a quicksave so if I messed up next time I could go back.
  13. Ok I will have to work on that later. Thank you for the help!
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