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  1. Big true. I fully agree with you. Despite troubles and the fact that the product was not polished missions are one of the greatest features.
  2. Thanks for giving us a feedback. Wish you luck and more things to be done!
  3. Hello and welcome there! I hope you'll find what you need. At least you can check out those crazy emotes
  4. The Lucy mission is so ambitious, going to space as far as Jupiter orbit! Investigation of the Trojan asteroids is the precious data. With this mission we will be able to get precise data to work on, as the asteroids are one of the main parts of the Solar system, still having its hypotheses and mysteries. Pioneering for the space always has huge potential. Special missions bring precious data. And what is great, that with smaller ones we go from breakthroughs to routines. While it took 60 years for satellites become a daily thing. It takes couple decades or less for landing asteroids to take it's steps forward to become a regular thing. More countries are following US and Japan. UAE is going for it. Combining the cooperative data from all the missions will make a huge leap for our understanding of the Solar system, hence safety and understanding of the future. It is not of big surprise, that other countries go after the leaders: 1. What leaders are doing is numerous tests and refinements until the process is ready to go. 2. Any big project involves many countries' cooperation for the effectiveness of testing and production. What is once a breakthrough becomes a routine sooner or later. Nowadays as soon as possible.
  5. Watching all these suggestions and topics I've got an inspiration and great idea for the devs for KSP2! Of course, we do not know how much money they have and what budget is for the game they have right now, but I think they need to implement new technologies to their new game because as much as I fell in love with the first game of the series I think this is a just a matter of surviving on the market. In case we already have lots of things to see in free space. But what do you think images of earth are implemented in the game? I think satellite imagery producer would be a good new feature that would be implemented in-game. For example, we can have some aftermaths after our launches on the different planets and see through the shots of what happened after an unsuccessful launch. I do think this is a good idea, but kinda controversial.
  6. Oh, how unfortunate that the authour disappeared. Very interesting roleplay mission, which I'd follow for sure. Maybe one day he'll come back there and tell us a story of his mission
  7. It's better to have one than just do not have it. You have more chances to live if you do one, that's just a real statisics. But, well, even if you do not believe and do not want to do it it's your choice and you are free to do so.
  8. Great idea and implimentation. Good sound is really a goal at least for a modding community. Will they add it or not, we will have our ideas in a future product!
  9. Nah, that's just in general unrealistic thing for game studios. You have to wait for a sale or go for a full-price copy of the product. Unfortunately for gamers, different platforms mean different game copies
  10. Radiant, a California-based company founded by former SpaceX engineers, has received $ 1.2 million in investment to further develop and manufacture compact nuclear reactors. They are positioned to replace diesel generators. Deciding that the ideas intended for the development of Mars would be more useful for the population of the Earth, the company began to create a budget microreactor that could fit in a regular shipping container. The megawatt model will be capable of powering up to 1,000 homes and is expected to use helium for cooling instead of water. The main places of use are remote settlements, zones of natural or other disasters, and military bases. The reactor is said to be capable of providing power to the base for eight years before nuclear fuel runs out. This will not only avoid harmful emissions from conventional diesel generators - there will be no need for a regular supply of diesel fuel bases. Transportation of fuel will be needed, but only to provide transport with an internal combustion engine until all equipment switches to alternative power sources. According to Radiant, the company's fuel does not melt and can withstand higher temperatures than conventional reactor fuel cells. The use of helium significantly reduces the risks of corrosion, refrigerant boiling and contamination. The company says it has patented ideas related to refueling reactors and efficiently converting reactor heat. Radiant has joined a fairly large number of companies already developing compact nuclear reactors. Only a small number of them specialize in truly “micro-solutions”. However, no one has yet succeeded in creating a truly compact, inexpensive and long-lasting alternative to diesel generators.
  11. To be honest, you'd better finish creating a steam account. Probably later you'll need to buy something else (I mean videogame) and steam is a go-to do a thing. Hands down the best store out there, but yeah at the start it's not very convenient to set up, but still worth doing it.
  12. We need MORE emotes to the god of emotions. Jokes away but this refresh is nice tho
  13. > Focus on quality and being bug free Yes, yes, yes please! That's a thing which almost every gaming company/studio lack nowdays. List is endles of the projects who failed to optimize their game: cyberpunk, baldur's gate, new world etc. That's very obvius that if KSP2 will be polished and ready to play product, that would be a win for us players and for developers.
  14. It's a great, for sure will get copy of it to test it out on a modern platfrom. Should be a great experience.
  15. I'll play as I used to as a sandbox game. There is no reason to me change it, I'd even improved my experience by adding my friends there but multiplayer is not that good. That's also an addition for the topic what do we need in KSP2.
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