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  1. Greeting and welcome abroad, sir! You'll find there a lot of usefull topics and great people!
  2. I would like to see better UI. It's already pretty legit but I'd like to have some improvements which some of mods provides. Overall game devs know what way they should go with a new game
  3. Hmm have you tried to check your files in Steam or reinstall the game? Weird thing but in some games these tips helped me not only once. Check it out.
  4. Great, factories is a great way to improve battery production technologies. Even that sounds funny but we need machines that build the other machines.
  5. Welcome abroad! Have a good time and I hope you'll find there what you need. If you'll not - we will help you
  6. That would be deffinetelly a cool idea. Despite these guys are looking funny, I think it would be easy to turn them in a scary thing. I'd scared of them for sure
  7. What a clowny video. But to be honest I've enjoyed it. An interesting and unusual episode
  8. Yeah, good points. We all are looking forward to have a proper and legit career mod. There was a lot of topics regarding this so I hope devs will listen to us and will do thier thing.
  9. This looks very solid to be honest. That's an interesting topic how far they can go? Maybe if they will make some kind of protection in the right time, so we are not going to fear the possibility to be nuked by some random asteroid That would be really cool and this project looks promising to me
  10. OFC they would fix notorius problems of KSP. No way that will not be done. Even with new possible bugs in KSP2 we have a great modders so I think we will be fine.
  11. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, NASA postponed the launch of the third SpaceX mission with a crew. The launch was originally scheduled for October 31 at 2:21 AM ET, but has now been pushed back to November 3 at 1:10 AM. NASA hopes that this transfer will be the last for the mission - according to forecasters, on the night of November 3, the weather will be favorable with a probability of 80%. The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will be launched from pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The live broadcast will begin a few hours earlier - on November 2 at 20:45. Crew Dragon Endurance will include Commander Raja Chari, pilot Tom Marshburn, astronauts Kayla Barron and Matthias Maurer from Germany. Until the start, they will stay at Kennedy Center with their families. The docking of the Crew-3 mission spacecraft with the ISS is scheduled for 23:00 on November 3. The crew will stay in orbit with a scientific mission for approximately six months and will return to Earth in April. SpaceX manned launches are still relatively rare. The Crew-1 mission was launched in November 2020, Crew-2 had to wait in the wings until April 2021. After the civilian mission Inspiration4, the company started thinking about increasing the number of Crew Dragon ships.
  12. Welcome abroad mate! Nice to see you there. Hope you'll find you want and have a good time
  13. I've been playing New World a lot recently. This game has its own issues, but in general just love the world and the combat system (so the weapon system respectively). Now I stopped with leveling, but oh god how I love to chill while minning deposits
  14. Im just playing it in a chill vibe. No need to stop when you do not play it a lot. but just in a regular basis. This way of gaming is for me for sure
  15. Big true. I fully agree with you. Despite troubles and the fact that the product was not polished missions are one of the greatest features.
  16. Thanks for giving us a feedback. Wish you luck and more things to be done!
  17. Hello and welcome there! I hope you'll find what you need. At least you can check out those crazy emotes
  18. The Lucy mission is so ambitious, going to space as far as Jupiter orbit! Investigation of the Trojan asteroids is the precious data. With this mission we will be able to get precise data to work on, as the asteroids are one of the main parts of the Solar system, still having its hypotheses and mysteries. Pioneering for the space always has huge potential. Special missions bring precious data. And what is great, that with smaller ones we go from breakthroughs to routines. While it took 60 years for satellites become a daily thing. It takes couple decades or less for landing asteroids to take it's steps forward to become a regular thing. More countries are following US and Japan. UAE is going for it. Combining the cooperative data from all the missions will make a huge leap for our understanding of the Solar system, hence safety and understanding of the future. It is not of big surprise, that other countries go after the leaders: 1. What leaders are doing is numerous tests and refinements until the process is ready to go. 2. Any big project involves many countries' cooperation for the effectiveness of testing and production. What is once a breakthrough becomes a routine sooner or later. Nowadays as soon as possible.
  19. Watching all these suggestions and topics I've got an inspiration and great idea for the devs for KSP2! Of course, we do not know how much money they have and what budget is for the game they have right now, but I think they need to implement new technologies to their new game because as much as I fell in love with the first game of the series I think this is a just a matter of surviving on the market. In case we already have lots of things to see in free space. But what do you think images of earth are implemented in the game? I think satellite imager producer would be a good new feature that would be implemented in-game. For example, we can have some aftermaths after our launches on the different planets and see through the shots of what happened after an unsuccessful launch. I do think this is a good idea, but kinda controversial.
  20. Oh, how unfortunate that the authour disappeared. Very interesting roleplay mission, which I'd follow for sure. Maybe one day he'll come back there and tell us a story of his mission
  21. It's better to have one than just do not have it. You have more chances to live if you do one, that's just a real statisics. But, well, even if you do not believe and do not want to do it it's your choice and you are free to do so.
  22. Great idea and implimentation. Good sound is really a goal at least for a modding community. Will they add it or not, we will have our ideas in a future product!
  23. Nah, that's just in general unrealistic thing for game studios. You have to wait for a sale or go for a full-price copy of the product. Unfortunately for gamers, different platforms mean different game copies
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