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  1. Try to open Settings.cfg in /KerbalismConfig and find there. Then enable it and try to play with it. But beware -- the bigger the number -- the worse your comms will be.
  2. Do you use 3.16 kerbalism? Do you use JNSQ or another scaled system?
  3. @Gotmachine Is there a way to change default Kerbalism profile via Module Manager? I want to add some water and food to kerbals' spacesuits.
  4. I did this. Do not worry aboyr DeltaV. The ship is supposed to make propelliant in the flight.
  5. Hi! I'm trying to put "Tritium Spectrometer" upgrade in "spacedust-telescope-1". But it didn't work properly. Here's my code: What i did wrong?
  6. Hi! Can you help me? Does function "output_resource" disabled in "fusion_reactor" module?
  7. It is. just edit Radiation.cfg in /KerbalismConfig/System aim for "name = Kerbin"
  8. @Gotmachineis there a way, to make "Module" upgrades work on [kerbalEva*]?
  9. Found a bug. When i'm launching craft from VAB and my kerbals are in "EAS-1 External Command Seat" they have no EVA-resources. https://i.imgur.com/E7vCynr.png And when i'm leaving seat -- they still have no resources. https://i.imgur.com/Pif0njE.png But when i'm starting from capsule -- they have everything. https://i.imgur.com/kU5UhB3.png And then, when i'm leaving capsule and taking the "seat" -- all goes normal. They still have all.
  10. So? You wanna weld something? You wanna make your B9PartSwitch module enabled on that parts? You wanna feel good? Here's the guide. First of all make sure that B9PartSwitch module is existing [and working] on your welding parts. Yep, that's important. Then make sure, to copy right ones from your donor part .cfgs. After, add copied code to your welded part .cfg. Watch for "{" and "}"! Also, you could manage it with MM. If you want. Be careful to change node-names (like "node = top02" and "node = bottom02" [in NearFutureConstruction ones] to "node = top02truss-spinal-033" and ""node = bottom02truss-spinal-033" in my case. But be sure, that changed node must belong to the right part!) and "moduleID = meshSwitch" to "moduleID = meshSwitchХХХ". All of them must be different (if you have 7 modules, you gonna have "meshSwitch7" in the end, if 10 -- than "meshSwitch10", etc). Otherwise you gonna get some nasty notifications (at least I had). Then debug your part if necessary. But beware -- [after welding] you can't change "meshSwitches" for part [in your new one] individualy. Same parts will switch simultaneously. That is the way. Voila! New part is yours now! P. S. I'm UbioWielding in KSP 1.8.1 P. P. S. You don't need to install "Wielding" to you "game KSP-folder". They [welded parts] will work without it, just copy folder with .cfg (or .cfg only, if you want) and be sure, that you have the same addons, that your new part requires. P. P. P. S. Proof gallery! link -- https://imgur.com/a/1MCEKSA
  11. So. I tried to mimic hitchhiker-RDU upgrade. Original code: And mine: (all these enormous numbers are just for test purpose) And... nothing. Still nothing.
  12. I'm bad at patching, i know. But, is there a way to change "Supply" sections without manually editing "Default.cfg"?
  13. I did it. I do not planning to. https://imgur.com/a/qZOMJSI around 30 hours I made Galvanic Cells for them I tried, didn't work Okay, I'll give it a try!
  14. Yes, Both active and passive. (depends on the suit skin)
  15. Yes, but... if i put emitter in [kerbalEVA*] and wanna use if only after opening "Experimental Science(where kerbalism active shield belong)" node?
  16. Hello! Is there a way to put an upgrade to Emitter module? And place it in the tech tree?
  17. Hello there! I'm looking for mod, that will allow kerbals to change suits in flight (before EVA), and not only in space center.
  18. @SciManuse TweakScale. But do not forget about TS Companion Program. I know, that @Lisiasis working hard on the upcoming FFT-PKMC addon.
  19. K. Th.anks! But do you have a working "Procedural Parts" config?
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