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    Orbital bombardment, anti nuke space lasers, new tech, eternal expansion of Kerbalkind throughout the Universe.

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  2. Your link does not work It also needs to be a diabloesquemmoGrandstrategymassivelymultiplayerlootboxRPGSpore as well with a DETAILED history of every single interaction every kerbal has ever had over billions of years and a peer reviewed paper on kerbal evolution!1!!! These are all things Ksp2 totally needs and I will uninstall and write a VISCIOUS criticism on the most important forum of discussion in human history, reddit if none of this is included
  3. I did not know this, I thought that they started developing it in 2019, still my point stands, the average triple A title takes 3 to 5 years to develop and ksp2's small team is certainly not what an average triple A title has access to.
  4. I covered this on another thread with you but in short when you consider the ambition and promises of the game (And then compare it to the size of the team) you soon realize that 3 years is much, much less time then they need to develop it, [snip] I don't know if you are aware of this but the typical triple A game takes 3 to 5 years to develop, the inititial release date of Ksp2 was an unrealistic promise that anyone could see would be retconned a mile away and most likely made in the first place because of publisher interference.
  5. Whats wrong with you, nearly every single place that I have seen you in has had you acting like some overweight jerk from GAMERGATE or some other toxic crap excrementsting on the game for really stupid reasons, and now your comparing what will be a fairly polished (If incomplete) game to a beta test?? Every single one of your posts have proven a severe lack of empathy for the struggle that it is in the first place to make this game, seriously think about it. Among other things this games goal is 1. Completely revamp the Kerbol system with volumetric clouds, new graphics, a dynamic tutorial system, revamped VAB, and more. 2. On top of this add hundreds of new parts with unique new mechanics that require the coding of hundreds of unique systems to implement. 3. Kill the flipping KRAKEN on top of all this 4. Revamp the Kerbals themselves. 5. Redo Maneuver node system, implement 2 body physics. 6. Make 2 new handcrafted star systems with new bodies, some of which with orbital eccentricities that require the tailoring of the UI to make it relatively intuitive to land and deal with them. &. Perchistichrone trajectories. This is not even factoring the possibility however slim of animal life on Lapat, all of this done by a pretty small team working for a publisher with a reputation rivaling EA in the struggle it gives its developers. Have I mentioned that this extremely ambitious game has only been in development for 3 years? I'm expecting the development cycle to be similar to no mans sky, when it releases its disappointing but as more and more parts of the roadmap are made good on the game recovers.
  6. Beautiful work Dev's I can't believe some people compare this to some mod.
  7. Yeah, how much do I need? I have 1447 meters per second of Delta V on my return stage, is that enough?
  8. Has anyone noticed that in the zooming out scene the mouse accidently goes over an object and a readout appears? Its blurred but if someone can unblur the blur we may be able to learn something about the game that even the developers have not told us yet! I actually made a post about that idea.
  9. Io is not just too small to hold onto its water, its also too hot period because its too close to Jupiter, I need exact parameters for Laythe, not Io. I know that upping the eccentricity is not exact parameters either and I apologize for not upholding that standard to JimmyMcGoochie's advice.
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