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    Orbital bombardment, anti nuke space lasers, new tech, eternal expansion of Kerbalkind throughout the Universe.

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  1. Yeah, how much do I need? I have 1447 meters per second of Delta V on my return stage, is that enough?
  2. Has anyone noticed that in the zooming out scene the mouse accidently goes over an object and a readout appears? Its blurred but if someone can unblur the blur we may be able to learn something about the game that even the developers have not told us yet! I actually made a post about that idea.
  3. Io is not just too small to hold onto its water, its also too hot period because its too close to Jupiter, I need exact parameters for Laythe, not Io. I know that upping the eccentricity is not exact parameters either and I apologize for not upholding that standard to JimmyMcGoochie's advice.
  4. Yeah but he is not giving the exact orbital parameters Laythe needs, Io is a volcanic hellhole, Laythe is a habitable moon
  5. Thanks for the welcome Kerbal productions! I like your videos!
  6. Don't worry man, I (and the other guys I think) understand now thanks to your clarification!
  7. Eyoooo! I'm kinda new too! I just never new there was a part of the forums to do that,
  8. Launched as a part of the Interplanetary Life Initiative (I.L.I) ExoLaythe is meant to search for life in the more tropical parts of Laythe, this has proven fruitful as among other discoveries life on Laythe has been confirmed following this mission, exciting the scientific community to no end. Data about the life. 1. Only single celled organisms have been found. 2. These single celled organisms have not seen the advent of photosynthesis or ATP yet. 3. These cells feed on carbon compounds from what it seems, suggesting an oxygenation event would devastate the biosphere. 4. No we cannot send a team to genetically engineer some of these cells to kickstart Laythean evolution, that violates our Policy On Extraterrestrial Life P.O.E.L.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2789203253
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