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  1. i have had this problem before but reading more into the error message its a new problem i haven't seen before, the error says: missing class: the type initializer for KSPe.IO.Hierarchy 1 (i cant give my .log threw drobox for some reason but here's the main error message hopefully that helps)(if i can fix my drobox i will post the .log [LOG 21:48:13.144] [TweakScale] "Houston, we have a Problem!" about Missing DLLs was displayed [LOG 21:48:13.150] [KSPe] WARNING: KSP Version 1.12.3 not localized. Returning synthetic one. [KSPe] KSPe.cfg does not exists. Using defaults.
  2. i just got the mod and I'm wondering if there's a tutorial or something like that because i don't know to to collect warp plasma.
  3. so i have had bdb for a long time now (love it) but just got RSS and RO does the Apollo parts support this and can take me to the real sized moon
  4. i just got this and there's a lot of options in the tufx menu what one do i pick warm or cold
  5. This happened to my og one and i went on reddit and no one new what it was so i created a new one and then went to bed i just woke up tried to play the same thing happened. if you can look threw my .log or anything like that would be great help. (edit uh i just tried open my other saves and non of them work now before when i uncounted this problem yesterday i could open them but now non work) my .log https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbk9tj51wvmagb9/KSP.log?dl=0
  6. just got it and its awesome but for the mmu how do i control it because i use the normal eva controls and it only turns its around and stuff without the thrust
  7. does the mmu (the eva jetpack) come included in this
  8. ok so i have multiple of those mini docking ports so i put my arm on that and it worked so idk what's going on with this one ill just change it thx for the help
  9. hi mate it says that there's a bad state error and there's no way i can turn up or down the magnetism
  10. I'm having trouble with the arm connecting to the connector i line it up perfect but yet it doesn't want to connect
  11. i have a question on the robotic arm i cant seem to connect it to the connector sometimes it works but that's very rare, any ideas 



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