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  1. it says only debdeb will be added ??!! that's not what i liked ANYWAYS PLEASE RELEASE so we can mod it edit : not it said there's another one unnamed help , smth is blurred , more news coming
  2. the last tiktok vid , i hope they say smth tomorrow it's obvious smth about the release date will be said
  3. come if you like , it's alive now , just pinging if you're not following
  4. after a long wait ... a sun is rising ... a sun of hopeful people ... a sun of loyal workers , astronauts and builders ... EGSP IS ALIVE !!! after 8 months ... finally .. bought a new laptop and stopped playing on my potato which just died and yeah fell in love with M.2 NVMe and DDR5 ram finally i can play RSS with no lag and without 99% ram ... sooooo EGSP coming soon... teasers : ( sandbox save ) EGSA builds thaqib 1 , the first sounding rocket made ( it's actually a normal rocket i guess , it's a bit big for a sounding rocket ) https://imgur.com/a/x3bZwJG here are the teasers , i hope someone like them. more coming soon !
  5. 5 weeks in a row ! i guess alpha is near ? it's just a guess since they started talking ... weirdly , now their normal silence
  6. the orion engine is just , beautiful .... and the UI too , always dreamed how will the UI look like
  7. uhm , maybe never saw that in ksp , last played a few months ago so i nearly forgot how to play ( not that much tho )
  8. dude , this engine is made by nertea , it's very close to the restock style wait , in the video the engine shows in red , that means , engines may heat-up because of thrust !
  9. we'll try to remember but i don't think i can 2924
  10. i can't manage to build tanks , are there any tutorials for noobs like me in bd armory ?
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