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  1. Copy the Extra folder and put it in the KSRSS folder in the gamedata, delete cfg's that you don't want , I think it may work
  2. I'll try what you said , KSP takes 30-40 mins to start , No , ceres isn't even there , I zoom far enough to see any planet there . edit : I found 800 files missing somehow , i'll try to open it again.
  3. My log : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YTtCJdCq-lIzt_EazvJFduoElWHg82s9?usp=sharing
  4. Hi , When I see the earth in the tracking station it looks so blue , like this : And when I zoom out , some planets are not there like Uranus , Neptune and Pluto. My gamedata folder : https://imgur.com/a/Nt25LTm
  5. Aha Thanks , I didn't see all the options with it , I'll try it again with the folder "MechJebUnlocked" I play sandbox , but it seems that something is broken I know how they work and even tried to make a heat shield tiles mod , but mechjeb is a bit tricky
  6. Hi , mechjeb doesn't have every feature it's supposed to have , it only have the pod and the AR202 , is that normal ? I can't have all features except with the pod which is hard especially on small rovers , any other part can't be attached on the vessel , so , how to fix that ? Note : downloaded four different versions and it doesn't work
  7. Hi , I'm running something like an Egyptian space program , so I found that the Nile Delta is cut into two islands so I would like to tell you that the middle water line should not be there as it's not in real life , the second thing is that the delta from the end of the two outer water lines should be so small at the end as there's a land line near the Mediterranean end , the third notice is that the suez canal in not there , Hope you understanded what I mean and fix the dds image and terrain , Thanks in advance.
  8. Dependencies ? Um , The mods that should be installed , yes It worked now , I installed it uncorrectly putting every thing even the ship files in the gamedata file How to close to flaps by using the keyboard ? I press ( K , L , J , I ) and just nothing happens Are there another controls ?
  9. I search for tundra exploration parts and I can't find it Edit : I installed it incorrectly
  10. I fixed the problem , Downloaded KK from github ( previously from spacedock ) and It worked as intended
  11. KK is back again , But the pink problem is back too .....
  12. I redownloaded KK but now the ctrl K problem got back again I'm very tired from fixing things that gets messed again My starbase is gone but not that is the problem The problem is that KK is definetly not opening the instance window
  13. I installed KK and putted the files in gamedata It worked fine some days ago
  14. Anyone saw the pink launchpad problem ? The launchpad has pink grass instead of green. It's a missing texture that especially appear when I move a launchpad Even the Default Squad launchpad has this problem Here is an Image of it
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