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  1. sosad 2018 : NASA's InSight lands on Mars. + Parker Solar Probe launches to "touch" the sun + SpaceX's Falcon Heavy makes incredible debut . interesting year
  2. ksp launched 2016 March 14 – The ESA and Roscosmos launch the joint ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter on a mission to Mars. We are approaching something good , never forget to say hoppy on 2019 , good night
  3. BDB even says it's more stable with 2.5x or jnsq , sooooo ?
  4. you know why this year is special for me , right ? lmao 2011 - Egyptian revolution ignites
  5. a new decade has begun , with enormous speed towards modern technology , 1990 Hubble launched Germany reunited Yemen united and the human genome project had started and chernobyl dude anyway 1991 USSR dies , rip gulf war begins continue from 91 , the forum stupidly merges posts
  6. 1987 March 1 – The first Starbucks outside of the US is opened in Vancouver, Canada.
  7. you could , but if you wrote the config yourself.
  8. "a small step for man , an enormous jump for humanity , to mars and beyond !"
  9. 1927 : Henry Ford reveals the Ford Motor Company’s newest vehicle, the Model A
  10. guys what you went like lightspeed 1925 : The Syrian Federation is officially dissolved, the State of Aleppo and the State of Damascus having been replaced by the State of Syria.
  11. so excited for the new century , we have trains now , what could the future hide ? anyway 1892
  12. i would take the near future solar tank solar panels and change the texture and the cfg to do this ngl
  13. tried them , my concern is that i can't get them to cover tanks , they always overlap or don't cover the whole tank
  14. i see what you did here , and anyway , First ! We finally have heat shield tiles , rest in peace my mod ....
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