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  1. guys , it's just 14 days and the space program should go live , i'm currently planning for the first sounding rocket.
  2. ksrssve is no longer needed , it's implemented in the megapack , and you should be good to go , maybe it's EVE that doesn't know which one to execute so it's just stuck there.
  3. Good news , i'm starting to upgrade my laptop , i'll get the external GPU some time later and get 32 gb of RAM , i'll continue the space program when i get the new hardware upgrades Edit : I may get the upgrades while running the space program so it's just 14-17 days i think and no more delays . Let's hope so
  4. any news on PAX west yet ? or maybe it's PAX east , i don't know
  5. A beetle exits the lounge 1025225
  6. 1806 The Holy Roman Empire had survived over a thousand years when it was finally destroyed by Napoleon and the French in 1806.
  7. 1799 millennials are getting excited and to have the glory , 1800 !!! a new century has begun ( begin counting from 1800 and so on , don't skip 1800 , this is just 1799 )
  8. 1784 Treaty of Constantinople: The Ottoman Empire agrees to Russia's annexation of the Crimea.
  9. my laptop will be a rocket , anyway we'll need to wait one more final month and thanks for any one replying lol my laptop heats a lot with RSS so i'm thinking of efficient cooling ways to make it stay longer but news are coming soon i think
  10. on private division channel But uh , damn , it's still ESRB
  11. GUYS !!! The feature video on private division ! HYPE!!
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