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  1. Welcome to the forum @Lightlaw! It makes me happy to see more people join this community.
  2. @Admiral Fluffy Do you have any screenshots you can post? I'd love to see it.
  3. That's a nice touch of realism there. @Jack Joseph Kerman Thanks! There will be better implementations later. Sounds good! I'll follow that thread once you've posted your first update. Once I unlock more of the tech tree I'll be designing a new compact manned rover. I'll be sure to post pictures here of the design as well as the descent vehicle I use for it.
  4. Thank you for the input @DeadJohn. I’ll be holding out until @linuxgurugamer develops a satisfactory mod for my particular desire.
  5. The 2021 version appears to have more volume to the rings. Then, the terrain appears to have slightly different coloring which makes it easier to distinguish biomes.
  6. BEHOLD! The Shackleton Unmanned Rover. The rover has a mass of 0.449t. Equipped with the following science modules: PresMat Barometer 2HOT Thermometer CRSY Light Scanning Arm Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer <- This is primarily for aesthetics as it gave my rover a bit of a power cell style appearance when accompanied by a battery. It has a low center of mass which means it's easy to handle when turning sharply. I find small rovers quite fun and a light challenge to build when I'm trying to include the most science modules while also keeping the weight below 1/2t. Here are some more screenshots. On descent to the moon. The final descent stage. I needed a platform which allowed the rover to drive off of it without risking damage to the wheels or frame so, I used a tapered adapter along with 5 stage separators. It's not ideal but, it proved to be a successful and easy to use design. I hope you get a kick out of my design and photos.
  7. Good lord! That’s some heavy stuff. Do you have a single massive launch vehicle or is the Odyssey capable of being assembled in orbit or at destination? I find this so fascinating.
  8. Question: Is there a mod or an improved method of saving and organizing crafts into folders and subfolders? I use the folders to organize the crafts I build based on their function such as launch vehicles, orbiters, SATCOMs and fully assembled vehicles. My struggle is that sometimes I accidentally save the craft to the main folder or a different folder which overwrites my previous work on another section of the vehicle I am assembling. I understand this is operator error but, I'm curious if there is a mod that improves upon the folder system KSP has. It would be fantastic if I can drag and drop crafts into new or existing folders for ease of use instead of having to load the craft, save it to the new folder then, delete the old one. Below is an example of my current folder configuration. Thank you for your assistance in advance!
  9. @Jack Joseph Kerman I typically aim to build the smallest rovers possible which in turn allows me to keep my launch vehicles on the smaller side. Being polar opposite design wise, I find massive rovers very interesting. How much mass does the Odyssey have? Please keep us updated with that mission!
  10. Thank you @Dman979! I'll be sure to start digging for mods that will enhance the realism of KSP. Thank you for the greetings @Spaceman.Spiff!
  11. This summarizes this community in a concise manner. Welcome aboard fellow Kerbonaut!
  12. Welcome @Alien21! My discovery of KSP was quite similar to yours. Glad you took the plunge as I have. Happy rocketeering!
  13. It's always nice to meet fellow KSP players! Welcome to the crew @John Casey!
  14. Hello, everyone! I'm Keyboard Basher! I've been playing KSP since shortly after its inception. I've played on and off over the years since then but, now I've started a new save which I've decided to take a more serious and realistic approach to. With that, I've also made the decision to be more involved with the KSP community. I've always been an aerospace and aircraft enthusiast so, KSP is naturally an enjoyable game for me. I see you all love it as much as I do too. In closing, I'm glad that I've found this community and decided to become part of it. I look forward to talking and working with all of you! I wish your flights all GO!
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