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  1. Just a quick correction, the masses for my ship are all less than a kiloton, not on the order of hundereds of kilotons. The decimals were not indicative of a thousandth place, but of decimals. This means the mass of the ship is ~800t, not ~800 kt. Sorry if I was not fully clear on this.
  2. Alright, after quite a while of tampering with the design, I think I have a winner. Introducing the U.S.S. Vainglory, as it goes to Proxima Centari B and back in 27 years, and has a one way travel time of 13 years. The main power source is magic a quatum singularity reactor with a magnetic nozzle attached, combined with more magic Mach Effect thrusters as afterburners. For the record, although the STL systems in KSPIE are pretty balanced, these parts are crazy good, even more so than antimatter reactors, so naturally, I had to exploit them for profit maximum speed. Proof (Warning: Long): https://imgur.com/a/7bKurxp
  3. So, the primary goal is speed. Should I post a submission if it is slower than the fastest entry, or should I optimize it to go faster than the fastest entry? Also, what do you mean by style. I know this is very pedantic, but I'd like to be as clear as possible before I post my submission.
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