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  1. for the moment I think it is quite infeasible. I know Star Trek may not be the most scientifically accurate series, but follow my reasoning... the maximum speed reached in star trek is curvature 9.9999 or almost 200 times the speed of light, we are talking about 6x10 ^ 10 km / s x 200, the black hole of the milky way is 6260 light years, doing a calculation we obtain that we are at 5.92241727583571000000E + 016 km from the milky way black hole, my calculator can't calculate how long it takes to get there at warp 9.9999, so how should it be possible in ksp2 to get there with a spaceship that can barely take you to another planetary system in half a century, whereas there will be no warp engines? in star trek they have practically never gone beyond the middle of the milky way (with exceptions not due to science). I also remember that although I am using the solar system as a reference, the event horizon of a black hole extends far beyond its actual size, making proximity to other celestial bodies almost impossible. having said that it would still be a lot cool to get close to a black hole, but it is a celestial entity we still know too little about, until 2019 black holes were just a theory.
  2. the "problem" is that the square orbit shown in the video is the orbit of the object in relation to the sun, in KSP the orbit of your object that is shown is relative to the nearest body, so you would see the orbit around in Kerbin, but not in Kerbol
  3. sleeping is actually a time machine, every day sleeping I jump 8 hours of my life, so 1/3 of the day, so technically there are only 2/3 of time left to release ksp 2
  4. They have already said that some very repetitive operations will be automated, including docking in orbit.
  5. the "easy way" would be to do as in ksp1 when you are re-entering the atmosphere and you lose the heat shield and everything starts to explode. but maybe they have foreseen something else, personally I can not think of anything other than the death of the Kerbal, with its space wreck wandering through space (it would be very cool then to go and take it back, in the Alien way), I have no other ideas of what can happen in ksp2 if the anti-radiation shield breaks. in reality, people would begin to die of radioactivity for sure.
  6. this is a great idea, but from my view of ksp2 multiplayer that I have, I imagine my friends and I cooperating rather than competing, some of my friends are better at doing certain things. For example some are better to use airplanes and some is better at using rovers
  7. I am sure I saw a topic in this forum about the VAB HUD that you could see, but I can't find it... anyway, I'm sure I saw a button next to those that indicated the center of mass, the direction of the vector and the center of the thrust, followed precisely by this button with the symbol of radioactivity which I think is exactly what you would like
  8. what is the point of this discussion? I do not understand why some people remain of the idea that ksp 2 must be the same as the original... I keep repeating that no one is forced to buy ksp 2... also no one forbids you to play ksp 2 with the music of ksp 1 in the background open on youtube... again, what's the point of this discussion?
  9. I don't want to open a discussion about whether Windows or Linux is better, I just say that Devs already have enough problems developing 3 versions of the game, if there will be versions on Mac or Linux in the future, so much the better for these users, at the moment it is not my problem and I would understand perfectly if the Devs should never make versions for Mac and Linux, for various reasons. ksp 2 is not the first and it will not be the last game that does not come out for these operating systems, no one has ever died for this, I myself would have liked to play several playstation's exclusive, but not having one I have always done without, it works like this
  10. Just don't buy it, but I find it absolutely useless to open a discussion about why to buy something or not
  11. ok, nothing to say what are you talking about? people eat with money you know? free stuff will never be as good as paid stuff.
  12. but why are you so sadistic to use mac or pc with linux to play? anyway, i looked at some statistics online, i can't find ANYTHING that indicates that the players from windows are less than those on mac or linux, where did you see this thing? also consider that in addition to PC, KSP 2 will also be released on console, let's say that DEVs have other problems about bringing KSP 2 to 3 different platforms already ...
  13. It would be like saying "why do I have to buy a new car?" Maybe my car of 2005 works perfectly, maybe I even customized it, this is what I thought of my first car, then one day a friend of mine accompanied me with his new car, it is incredible to see how unlike a few years between my car and that car has brought so many improvements, I think Ksp 2 will be like that. Ksp 1 has nothing wrong, but first no one forces you to buy it, and second I'm sure that once you try the second chapter you will fall in love as in the first, just as I fell in love with the new car I bought. And no one will be able to steal my memories of my first car, like memories of ksp 1. You have no idea how crazy it is getting to find the most suitable color combinations for each celestial body in the game.
  14. the fact that they are not identical is due to the copyright combined with the fact that ksp wants to be as sandboxed as possible, also I invite you to go and see the videos of Matt Lowne like the one that I share below, where he builds rockets as you would like to build them: sure then it makes use of mods to place the parts, but the parts are the stock ones.
  15. Well... better than nothing... immagine sending a ship every week for 50 years... is not efficent, but better late than never
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