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  1. In ksp 1 the anomalies could be found with appropriate modules. How can this be done in Ksp 2? Should I explore a little at random?
  2. I'm excited about all the things KSP 2 will make me do that I actually won't be able to do in real life, that's KSP 2's major strength!
  3. Amico mio, i tempi cambiano e la tecnologia pure, mi spiace dirtelo ma il tuo pc è un po' vecchiotto. l'SSD è veloce si, ma se il processore che non riesce a stargli dietro è un po' inutile, inoltre tutti gli asset vengono caricati nella memoria della scheda video che è un po' vecchiotta e questo di sicuro contribuisce alla lentezza del tutto. I bug ci sono sempre stati, e da quando hanno annunciato KSP 2, per ovvie ragioni, hanno spostato l'attenzione su quello, lasciando KSP 1 un po' in balia del suo destino (parliamo comunque di un gioco uscito nel 2011 in cui più che fix, ha subito tante patch).
  4. Guys -14 days, only 2 weeks. And my family will never see me again
  5. Could you give me a reference image just to understand the shape of the reactor?
  6. I was watching the latest feature video and i noticed these two engines that i am not familiar with. does anyone know what it is? I'm not sure if the first one below is actually a particular type, but I noticed a different exhaust jet from the 4 engines next to it This i think is a nuclear engine, but it has an unusual shape for any engine, and i doubt it is some sort of nuclear Aero Spike
  7. Honestly multiplayer was the least feature I expected, but I can understand the hype, however I guess it's better to have a full game and then add multiplayer, rather than starting from multiplayer, also because if the basic features don't work, they can be fixed, but having to fix those + multiplayer requires more manpower. Without considering that most likely, as in KSP 1, every time there is a major update, a sort of "Wipe" will occur, forcing players to restart the game due to incompatible saves. I hope I'm wrong of course, but this possibility exists.
  8. Well, 126 days on the way, but, not counting sleep hours, only 2/3 day ahah
  9. Theoretically outside the SOI, there is still an influence derived from the center of the galaxy, however it is so small that it will not affect a hypothetical space station between two planetary systems. Who knows, maybe we will also have a rogue planet!
  10. Another alternative could be to make a time warp only on the path and not on the position of the planets, a sort of "speed warp", but the planets remain in the same place. So anyone can travel fast without worrying about what would happen if I revert to VAB after an hour of play. Imagine if the other players had to go back an hour just because someone missed a Tylo landing or something else.
  11. Let's say that there is a fair chance that a video will be released at the end of the month, now a year has passed since the feature video 4 has been released and 6 months from episode 5, so....
  12. The fact is that creating a stable console version is easier, since the console components are standard, while for PCs, it is practically never like this, to confirm the thing, on consoles there are never the graphical settings. it must also be considered that ksp uses so many commands that even if it is true that half are unused, they are still more than the buttons available on the controllers which makes the creation of video games on consoles a bit of a nightmare for the additional UI. So it is normal that there are more bugs on pc than on console.
  13. I partially agree with this proposal, because on the one hand I understand the problem, on the other hand it is also much easier to dock "casually", then if you are badly oriented, just unhook, rotate the necessary and dock again. EZ
  14. Like reverting the Mohole into a montagne?
  15. I understand these issues, I have been watching some videos or posts obout ksp 2 almost every day for months, however, I fully understand why it is not shown too much, according to many the game will be released in Q1 2023. I expect that after the last video feature , there is a marketing campaign with live or other types of campaigns. Furthermore it must be considered that KSP 2 comes out in a period in which there is a relative high interest in space, see SLS, Starship, Artemis, but also Starfield. Be clear that I will buy KSP 2 regardless of when it comes out, the key is to be patient and keep crashing rockets in KSP 1, because I have the impression that once KSP 2 comes out not many will come back to KSP 1.
  16. It is also possible that there are "tiles" to be used as a spawn point for rockets and planes, in some videos there are rockets that start directly above the colony's VAB, and in other videos it starts from a nearby platform, I remember a video (see below) where you see a plane departing from a rocket launch pad built next to a colony's VAB. Maybe that "target-shaped tiles" is just a spawn point, or you can use the VAB itself as a spawn point (perhaps at the beginning of the colony when there are no materials to build roads), without considering that they could be docking points for supply lines.
  17. This is a good point, at the moment no auroras have been seen, but I think it is due to the fact that a planet has never been shown in the period in which auroras usually occur, and there is also to consider that the auroras do not always happen, it depends a lot on solar activity. Beside that, I hope to see the auroras, I've never even seen them in reality.
  18. now that I remember better, in the ksp 2 trailer, at the end, we see Merbel the frozen moon of Glumo, and there are icebergs! so... it is possible that there are already in the game:
  19. Fun fact, while reading this post I asked myself "does Laythe have icy poles like Kerbin?" so i went to KSP i built a shuttle style plane attached to an obviously giant rocket, and i left for Laythe, after an hour i arrived on Laythe and as i re-entered the atmosphere i noticed that there was a target at the north pole , apparently I had already been to the north pole of Laythe hahaha. An hour well spent.
  20. this open cycle engine is very nice, it's a bit strange to see the engine turn red without the exhaust blaze, I would have preferred it to get "hotter" towards the end of the engine bell, but maybe it was just an asset scene and it does not represent the finished work. Great job keep it up! me every time i see a show and tell post:
  21. I think the sandbox mode is more for new players who might want to experiment a bit before playing the actual game. I started playing minecraft in creative and then I moved on to survival. Sure, starting with poor engines (or wooden axes) sucks a little, but there is that feeling of discovery that you don't have in the sandbox. in sanbox you directly take the largest motor (or diamond axes) and use only that, which makes sense, but it will never give you that feeling of difficulty and fulfillment. but if you are only interested in putting components together and having fun without having to unlock all the components, why not a creative mode?
  22. for the moment I think it is quite infeasible. I know Star Trek may not be the most scientifically accurate series, but follow my reasoning... the maximum speed reached in star trek is curvature 9.9999 or almost 200 times the speed of light, we are talking about 6x10 ^ 10 km / s x 200, the black hole of the milky way is 6260 light years, doing a calculation we obtain that we are at 5.92241727583571000000E + 016 km from the milky way black hole, my calculator can't calculate how long it takes to get there at warp 9.9999, so how should it be possible in ksp2 to get there with a spaceship that can barely take you to another planetary system in half a century, whereas there will be no warp engines? in star trek they have practically never gone beyond the middle of the milky way (with exceptions not due to science). I also remember that although I am using the solar system as a reference, the event horizon of a black hole extends far beyond its actual size, making proximity to other celestial bodies almost impossible. having said that it would still be a lot cool to get close to a black hole, but it is a celestial entity we still know too little about, until 2019 black holes were just a theory.
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