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  1. This new update has prompted a nation to attack me and he has taken 200 km² off of me. I request any form of assistance that one can provide at the current time. Any money or oil given to me I shall repay as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

    Edit: The war has stopped only after a loss of 800 km², one third of my GDP and 30K of my men.

  2. I saw about one last night while driving home after my long ferry ride. Which was longer than usual because the hydraulics jammed once when we where loading in Holland and unloading in Harrdige.

  3. Yeah, its just about that i travel sometimes and lack an internet connection most of the time.

    Edit: Im properly gonna be laggy as a internet connection thou a brick for today...

    Edit2: I keep getting "Connecting...Failed" every other time i try to join i don't know whether that my brick internet or its server side and the other time the download stops and says "Connection...Failed" and the continues.

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