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  1. I have 1084 parts and it loads in 5 mins and works like a charm.
  2. I use my laptop because i do have a desktop its 3 years old now and my brand new refurbished macbook pro 2011 is real fast it can render ksp in about 5 secs.
  3. Wow this thread has turned into a grammar discussion thread instead.
  4. A discussion thread about the super awesome parry gripe songs! This is his channel on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/ParryGripp?feature=watch.
  5. yep i would like to know how the iva spaces are made even tho i don't make mods.
  6. Neat, finally a reasonable sized ship that can reach a planet like jool and land on its moon.
  7. Quite good for landing on a planet with a low gravity in 0.17.
  8. Wow this looks quite complected, also is this gonna by using any plugins?
  9. I basically need a brand new gaming laptop, i have about £800 to spend on it. It needs to be able to play the latests games since my laptop at the moment keeps crashing when i play a a game made in 1998 (Half-Life 1).
  10. The download link isn\'t working the mirror link just leads me to a mediafire ad page. i would recommend posting a link to adfly then to a media fire download page that way you make 5 dollars for every 1000 downloads. 8)
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