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  1. Hello all! Ive just finished building my first PC which I'm pretty happy about. Ive run into some issues. My specs are Asrock H87 Pro4 Mobo, Intel Quad I5-4570s, 2x8gb Vengance, WD Seagate 1TB HDD, Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE DVD/CD Writer, Corsair CX600M PSU, and my GTX 660 should be coming on monday.

    My issue is that I've set up everything correctly and powered it on right after I finished building it to test it. It worked fine, but I didn’t connect it to a monitor. I turned it off and took it into my office to set it up. I plugged it in and plugged my monitors in. I then switched on the PSU from the rear switch and my front Molex fan spun up and the LEDs came on. It then turned off. I then pressed the power button on my case which which didn’t do anything neither did the reset button. I switched it off at the PSU then switched it on at the PSU again and it still happens.

    I have already tried booting without RAM and removing everything from the mobo apart from the boot button. None of these worked. I will do the paper clip test for my PSU tonight and I will reseat everything.

    Anybody got any suggestions about whats wrong and how to fix it?

    Ill post a reply to this thread and edit this original post to include the results of the paper clip test once I’ve don’t it.

    Also, thanks in advance for any replies/ideas.

  2. I'm building a new PC sometime in January and I'm looking for some advice and suggestions about some items I want to get for it. The sort of items I am looking for is a budget joystick that works or would work well with KSP, Arma II, Far Cry 4, Space Engineers and GTAV. Thats if GTA and Far Cry will support them, ignore them if they dont. I am also looking for a decent budget headset with a microphone. Thanks in advance.

  3. Great work nova, lots of fun. I played for about an hour an didn't see anything problems with the mac version.

    Is there a way to get the screenshots?

    Yeah its inside the app under resources. Right click it and click show app contents or something to get inside of it.

    Huh, whats this Nova?

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