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  1. It would be sorta more in the style of TwitchPlays if the commands where entered on the chat. You would need to have a large stylised cursor. For clicks you could have leftclick and rightclick commands that do just that. And a rightclickhold and leftclickhold. And for the cursor you can have move up, down, etc which moves it up 10 pixels or more. You could also have anarchy and democracy modes.

  2. Probably more open, actually. Only the core functionality of the game will be hardcoded in C++, the rest (parts and part functionality, generation parameters, balance parameters, etc) will be coded in python, and can be opened to screw around with.

    Huh, maybe ill be able to make a mod then because my friends teaching me perl and from what I know its quite like python. Also, the engine you are using has it got decent 64-bit versions for all platforms?

  3. Not sure what you mean by "move other planets via gravity" though.

    I sort of meant you have control of a planet and can pilot it somewhere. You pilot the planet and either through sheer-luck or carefully worked out manoeuvres you capture a smaller object and move it somewhere by you piloting the larger planet. This could be useful for manoeuvring suns into a position you like.

    [Offtopic] Whilst writing this, this reminded me about the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and the Nagrathen planet builders.

  4. Is that drawn or in game, cause that looks almost photorealistic.

    Also, bit early for this sort of question but will you be able to upgrade your launch pad?

    Edit: Whilst it is a bit early to make suggestions. I might as well do some so just incase they will be added later and the engine needs to be prepared for them.

    So my suggestions is as follows:

    • The ability to manoeuvre planets by anchoring engines into them. And then the ability to move other planets via gravity.
    • Would it also be possible to build a elevator between planets?

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