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  1. Wait, WHAT! I live in south west devon, Teignbridge to be more precise.
  2. I live in devon as well! I agree with your statement about the rain XD
  3. I think mine was some sort of dystopian racing game for the PS1
  4. Look around for inspiration. Remember that.
  5. No you shouldn't. Its better if you space any thing using a pci slot out to make upgrading easier. Why are you asking? Is your card not living up to spec?
  6. After christmas and a bit of saving I worked out it would take me ages to get my self enough money to get the rig I got a list for. So I'm looking for a mid range gaming pc able to play GTAV on high graphics. I want the price to be low as possible but I value quality over price.
  7. Hmm, sounds good. Will it be a full length movie or just a short movie?
  8. Hehe, Im mc blind. I don't think its worth the money. A lot of it is just gimmicks and not useful. The only useful thing might be the little handle to make opening the case easier for upgrades.
  9. I recently got my options for my GCSEs. I would like to become a game designer and web designer. I know some of you here are game designer and web designers. What GCSEs and what A levels should I get?
  10. Have you tried running on lower graphics in KSP and you should install texture compression mod for KSP?
  11. Shame, would of brought it for a friend. Is it still going?
  12. Have you tried restarting your computer and reinstalling the drivers? Have you guys seen Nvidia's new chip? Link here for the lazy.
  13. Oh yeah, I remember this! It was a shame that this was abandoned. Edit: Pawelk you got a typo in the title.
  14. Do a ton of stuff that confronts your fear of heights. Rock climbing would be good because it makes you fitter and stronger.
  15. I don't back up because I just use it for games. But there is a few MC worlds I would like to keep but I can copy them to my other partition which is Windows 7.
  16. So, today my MacOSX disk partition became corrupt. When I try to boot it loads up a update bar thingy at the bottom of the screen then the bar fills a tiny bit then crashes. I got the disk corrupt information from booting into repair mode and using disk utility's repair function. I currently have no access to a large enough hard drive to hold all of my partition. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
  17. Th funny thing was that we did attempt to land on the moon with the Blue Streak but it got cancelled...
  18. Okay, don't worry. First things first tho is to get a large army and train them. This could get expensive... Edit: Are nukes still in the game?
  19. Hey, could you guys re-invite me to the alliance again? I just rediscovered bloc and got back into it.
  20. So I want to get a floppy drive to install windows 3.11 and rock it retro! Which ones do you recommend for my build down in my sig?
  21. Minecraft and a world editor would best suit your needs. But its does cost. What your are asking for is a lot... If you want anything you would need to pay something like £20 to get something like you are asking.
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