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  1. I might send off a email tomorrow. What email address shall i send it to?
  2. So, should i get a gpu support bracket and where can i get it? BTW, my part list is in my sig.
  3. Yeah, it would still be neat if the reply only consited of reasons why or why not the can launch it.
  4. First, we are not excatly building a satellite it is a bus that contains some shizzle that'll float, then we have cameras streaming the floatys, then we have a propulsion system for graveyard orbit. Not excatly your common satellite is it? The concept is basic we launch a bus that has a rocket engine welded to the back launched into orbit. Nah man, a bus that'll stay up there for a long time and send information back for a while is an intresting concept and the general design in the end would be intresting concept IMO.
  5. For the science of course! But anyways, science, propulsion, space worthiness and and pure awesomeness are the main reasons to mod the bus.
  6. This is down a lot of high quality roads I'm talking about XD
  7. Also it would mean we would lose PR. Yeah, this sounds like a good idea aswell. We need somewhere to put all the ideas into.
  8. Maybe on the bottom of the bus we coat it in solar panels as they wouldn't take up much space then and we would also have power generation. And then we could fill in spare spaces with tanks with a gas for propulsion.
  9. Awesome, Metalmouth, i presume you've read the whole thread and know of what companys we got ideas for.
  10. In the future when space travel is super cheap we should rendezvous with it with another bus! Edit: That bus looks good. Tommrow ill start drawing up a basic plan.
  11. I like the funding plan above! Also we could have lots of $2 raffles for the trinket option. Also maybe would get a few fledgling aerospace companys to help build it for plublicty and thus them getting more known. Also for the book and name hard drive option there should be on with a photo as well. We should also look into having small space stuff companys put stuff on for plublicty.
  12. I like this a lot! I can't say much atm but ill update with a couple of ideas!
  13. Also im a 14 year old kid. That has just finished doing Pythagorus theorem in maths. So, i think in total i would need to add about £40 to my current price.
  14. But saying that I am so impatient when it comes to video games tho XD
  15. This is certainly an interesting topic. Also, that was very interesting about how you've behaved when you where younger Pawelk. I was like that when I was 6 or 7 I liked taking small electronics apart then quizzing my dad on how they worked and what part did which. I was also very interested in space when i was younger. One of my first jobs i wanted was to become an astronaught. And im 14 now and i want to become a game designer.
  16. Well, acre you all with your fancy smacy pc that can run this game while im sitting here with my macs...
  17. Ive used wolfram alpha to work out out that my case takes up 41 litres of space so a 90 litter bag will be big enough.
  18. So a duffel bag like so: http://www.dare2b.com/packup-90-litre-duffel-bag-black.html?gclid=CLKD5o3xhbsCFTLJtAodyjIAgw Would be good?
  19. When you say disassembling and reassembling the parts do you mean just connecting the monitor, etc or something else?
  20. And dont forget the tele-kill alloy! But anways, I've got some really cheap suitcases down at sports direct for £15-£20. Could they be a good buy?
  21. Well, the Corsair C70 case sounds good but it needs to be able to take the rain, grit and general dirt one would enconter on my journey to my friends. It would also be nice to have the abilty to carry my moniter, mouse and keyboard.
  22. Well, im planning ahead anyways. Heres my part list:http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/hotmailcompany52/saved/2Boa?
  23. Small question, I want to get something to move my desktop around (I.E. to my friends house) what do you recommend I buy? Also I usually take the bus down to my friends and then a 10 min walk to his house.
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