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  1. If those are your goals, just build a satellite and drop the bus thing. Shooting a bus into orbit because you can is a beautiful concept, but going somewhere in the muddy between is really worst of both worlds. I am quite sure your funding will also suffer, as people will have a hard time understanding your concept.

    If you go back to the first page, the question was whether Space X would launch anything, even a school bus. Now you are just answering the question whether Space X will launch a badly built and designed satellite built with school bus parts. A much less interesting concept, as we know they launch satellites. That is what they do. Nothing new, fun or interesting there.

    First, we are not excatly building a satellite it is a bus that contains some shizzle that'll float, then we have cameras streaming the floatys, then we have a propulsion system for graveyard orbit. Not excatly your common satellite is it?

    The concept is basic we launch a bus that has a rocket engine welded to the back launched into orbit.

    Nah man, a bus that'll stay up there for a long time and send information back for a while is an intresting concept and the general design in the end would be intresting concept IMO.

  2. The FAA will not let something like that go into orbit because it is not capable of maintaining its orbit via station keeping and is not able to control its reentry. Rule of thumb is objects larger than 1 square meter do not burn up in atmosphere. A bus like that could de-orbit and come down in a city and knock out a skyscraper.
    Those are NASA regulations, so totally not relevant to this plan. No NASA = no NASA regulations.

    So, are there any real arguments for the need to modify the bus?

    For the science of course! But anyways, science, propulsion, space worthiness and and pure awesomeness are the main reasons to mod the bus.

  3. Exactly, that is what I was getting at. I think the problem of transport GPU damage is pretty much non-existent, while GPU handling damage is very real. One of the safest places for hardware is inside the protection of a case. Faraday cage and all that. Of course, when you bonk your case around on a cobble stone road in the back of a leaf spring truck you might damage something, but common sense applies.

    This is down a lot of high quality roads I'm talking about XD

  4. How long do you want the bus to live in space? What are the basic requirements? Is it going to LEO, do a couple of orbits and then perform a controlled deorbit, or are you planning to send it into a higher "permanent orbit". GEO graveyard is not really practical with such a heavy payload. Remember that Falcon 9's 13t capability is only to LEO. If you want to go higher, you're going to need an upper stage of some sort, more shielding and more resistant hardware.

    Do you really need it to be a real bus? Since you're going to be stripping everything from it, including windows, seats, wheels, engine... why not simply make it a space-rated fibre-glass shell that looks like a bus?

    Also it would mean we would lose PR.

    You could stick the propulsion suystems nozzles in the rear headlights, wouldn't impact much.

    Yeah, this sounds like a good idea aswell. We need somewhere to put all the ideas into.

  5. I think the plan right now is to be going for a shorter bus. I was thinking we could launch the bus unmanned and we could put it in an orbit that will not decay for centuries... That way if we were to ever succeed in this, we could look up at the sky and think, "Hey! We put a bus up there!"

    And maybe even in the future, rendezvous with the bus, when space travel becomes even cheaper and more common for the average citizen.

    It would make for amazing PR. SpaceX could market themselves as "you pay, we launch... anything."

    In the future when space travel is super cheap we should rendezvous with it with another bus!

    Edit: That bus looks good. Tommrow ill start drawing up a basic plan.

  6. I like the funding plan above! Also we could have lots of $2 raffles for the trinket option.

    Also maybe would get a few fledgling aerospace companys to help build it for plublicty and thus them getting more known.

    Also for the book and name hard drive option there should be on with a photo as well.

    We should also look into having small space stuff companys put stuff on for plublicty.

  7. This is certainly an interesting topic. Also, that was very interesting about how you've behaved when you where younger Pawelk. I was like that when I was 6 or 7 I liked taking small electronics apart then quizzing my dad on how they worked and what part did which. I was also very interested in space when i was younger. One of my first jobs i wanted was to become an astronaught. And im 14 now and i want to become a game designer. :D

  8. The C70 is nice, Made almost completely out of thick rolled steel, With this comes weight. Maybe grab a decent sized duffel bags and then make foam inserts for your monitor, keyboard, etc. It would take some practice to get quick at dissembling and reassembling parts but, bang for buck Duffel bags are great.

    When you say disassembling and reassembling the parts do you mean just connecting the monitor, etc or something else?

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