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  1. Not quite. A RasPi isn't radiation-hardened - over time, cosmic rays striking the silicon chips will cause errors and damage, culminating in component failure.

    But couldn't you shield it from radiation tho, but anyway if he isn't gonna use a Raspberry Pi he would still need to protect it from radiation because to my knowledge not a lot of off the shelf components are radiation-hardened.

  2. In order to do that you will need roughly a Masters (or possibly a Bachelors if you are extremely bright) in Electrical Engineering requiring 4-6 years of study. Attempting to to what you wish without such an education is just a bit ... unrealistic would be a nice word to use.

    Not nessciarley all you need is some advanced computer coding knowledge. All you need is a raspberry Pi and some science stuff and a way to transmit and yor done

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