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  1. Planetary base is not neccesaary, this is KERBIN Hill with no base
  2. Phoenix hill so fire. Fire Hill.
  3. In a panic, the hill destroyed itself! Destroyed hill
  4. The hill cools (chills down). frozen hill
  5. Hill collapses. Collapsed hill
  6. ALERT: This mod is still awaiting a bugfix, so features may not be complete, but the system still works as normals
  7. Dead Kraken is sent to Bop with a Kerbal X. Hence how it got there. Dead Deep Space Kraken (on Bop)
  8. Nope! I had the same issue with Jupiter, but it could barely even be seen. @AtomicTech
  9. Since 10^10000 snowballs were thrown, the pool is big enough to be an ocean. Ocean of snowballs
  10. No! @BlackMesaSurvivor may reply next!
  11. Is that GPP and what is the rescale factor?
  12. Cold Place Gains Heat from Surroundings. Science! Warm hill. Is this KOTH? 256 2^8
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