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  1. Also just one question - does the data usage affect gameplay performance a lot?
  2. And then there should be an Alhena series!
  3. Rocket Launches from site, first men on Mars! Famous Baikonur Cosmodrome
  4. I reach the north mountains... and claim it! My Hill.
  5. Make sure you don't use Jets! (at least from the picture you aren't)
  6. Note: Each ton is determined as 1 000 000 g or 1 cubic metre of water (or other things with 1 g/cm^3)
  7. Oh yeah. And another flaw I find many planet packs have is the size of the star. In planet packs like GPP, GEP, JNSQ, Linbol and other realistic planet packs like RSS, the star is correctly rescaled by its true size in sun radii and rescale factor. Assuming Solus is the same size as Kerbol, then the size should be radius of sun/10.6 (rescale factor) or about 65550km. Kerbol was only made as large as 261600 km because they wanted Mun eclipses to Work and the Mun was like 3x closer and 1.3x larger than in real life. You might want to change Solus' size to 25% original and geeASL by 16x (to make the mass not change)
  8. I'll take anything that's fun, rearranges the solar system and adds some more. As long as Ike is Smaller. This is what I want.
  9. Requires 8 GB Ram 16 GB free space Windows 10... I guess? Recommended 16GB RAM 32 GB free space Note: All are just predictions.
  10. Laythe Is terraformed to become Kerbin and Spacecraft carry Laythe to Kerbin's orbit. Science Fiction. Kerbin clone
  11. 1032 Would have been 1030 but then @GuessingEveryDay decided to reduce the number by 1 (not his fault) so it's 1032
  12. Did you know if you load Beyond home in x10 scale you get the same thing? I bet its due to the height of KSC in the CFG. also, can it be a patch in the settings to change Frontier to an Oxygen World? Oh yeah and the name Maar... Jade of Maar is not going to be Happy. Great Planet Pack!!!
  13. This planet pack is really high quality, it's 2 GB! Could has some more bodies though.
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