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  1. And I hope KSP 2 is more realistic, with at least x2 stock scale, no oversized sun! Should be like a JNSQ with rescaled GPP secondary and Grannus Pack and OPM!
  2. Oh gosh JADE OF MAAR! The chance of a magic asteroid is 1 in 20, and you cn change it. What happens it you set secondary rate to >1? Will it have 100% magic bolders, or none?
  3. Had fun playing with asteroids. As we all know, asteroids are objects that float in space. However I had fun with rescaling asteroids to ridiculous scales, which is more realistic. Special thanks to @Starstrider42for his "custom asteroids" ksp mod. Rescaling the asteroid by 50 to 100 times gives us a minimum radius of 120 meters for the A type and as much as 30 kilometers for the I type. That is gonna be IMPOSSIBLE to move. Density has been changed. An early E class asteroid weighs 1000 tons, and is 25m accross. That means the density is 0.12 g/cm3. It should be 4 for silicate, so lets change the density multiplier to 30. That gives us a maximum mass (for I class) of 5x10^13 or 50 TRILLION TONS!!!!!
  4. This mod is sorta standalone I guess, but as a planet pack we have to take into consideration for other mods like JNSQ which have a chance of breaking the planetary system. Linbol is significantly further away then the other stars in other "more star system" mods, so it is less likely to interfere with mods that expand system.
  5. Underwater volcanoes erupt! They form islands Sea with some islands (and water and salt since it's a sea)
  6. 1024 2^10 Actually, 49.5 years, since it's 99% not 100%
  7. Let's Break All The Rules Of KSP Carrer! 0) Spell Career Wrongly Does not count as a rule, but just for fun. In the title I spelt Career as Carrer. 1) Asymmetry Asymmetry will cause your craft to be unbalanced. When the COM is not inline with the COT, your craft will spin in circles and become... catastrophic fireworks. 2) Go to Eeloo before the Mun When you go beyond kerbin, it's always best to start small 3) Don't upgrade buildings Well, this will keep you stuck with so many restrictions like that stupid thing where you "cannot disembark on an EVA unless on Kerbin's surface" and others. It's just a pain, and you can't even upgrade the tech tree without upgrading R and D, and can't even launch rockets with over 30 parts or weigh 18 tons or more. 4) Max out Rocketry, not caring about anything else. This will cause you to be heavily imbalanced in terms of tech, and not have much Science Experiments.
  8. Hidden bomb in hill has been detonated! Exploded Hill
  9. JNSQFan


    Countt. 1 2 3 4 5 6 but then if the number is divisible by 7 or has 7, say up. 1 2 3... 1
  10. Hill is rescaled with JNSQ (x2.7). Rescaled and larger hill
  11. Dig Deeper. Hole through the world
  12. 948 Whoops! Just realided it should be 947, sorry for inconvenience
  13. Let's hope this doesn't take like 2 years.
  14. Beans Rot. Compost hill
  15. With responce to Space Wizards, CKAN does not really help much if you install a mod correctly.
  16. The Alum is mined for aluminum foil and cans. Empty Hill
  17. Yes. There are special configs for it.
  18. Gliding by Isaac Wilkins Peaceful Desolation Kevin MacLeod - Check out his website and u will most likely find it.
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