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  1. Thanks so much! Im just wondering, but when is your next upload? Its been quite a while since youve uploaded. I really enjoy your series and i was watching nothing but your videos for months! Also, here's an interesting fact: On one pole is a spike and on the other will be a hole because terrain generation is such that if the altitude at the north pole is higher than the south pole then, the north pole will have the hole while the south pole will have a spike (and vice versa). Just don't fly up on them.
  2. Best mod ever. This mod not only addresses issues with the game (many of them) But makes the game harder and cooler thanks!
  3. Same as real life. 365 days. Even lindor has an IRL year length - 29 years. Being as realistic as possible.
  4. I noticed a bit of a problem of Krel, Eeloo, Celes, Tam, Nara, Amos, Enon, Prax where there was some invalid terrain due to floating-point accuracy. This is patched in 1.12. Minor issue, Kanadian space agency also had it. (Yes! They managed to ascend from nara after finding the nara anomaly without a single pair of ruby slippers!)
  5. KSP Planet packs are obviously a big part of KSP. They not only solve bad parts of KSP but add many new features to the game. Great planet packs: Galileo's Planet Pack - Completely replaces stock system. GPP secondary add the Ciro system in orbit of the sun. - GEP (Grannus expansion pack): Add planets to grannus OPM - Adds outer planets. YAY!!!! Whirligig world - crazy mod with space center on a huge planet that spins so fast it is oblate! RSS - Super challenging mod that replaces the stock system with the real one. JNSQ - one of the best mods. This should be how big and nice KSP2 looks like. Stock planets but with a visual overhaul that nearly triples its size. (2.65x) Suggestions - In stock KSP and JNSQ, Duna is slightly under G-forced. In JNSQ, duna is undersized and in stock, moho also has too little G-forces. - JNSQ conflicts with GPP, even GPP secondary - There could be a planet pack that is like the sneak preview of KSP2, but just planets.
  6. WOW! I never thought making planets was that easy. Pro tip: try to make planets as realistic as possible, I don't want to see planets with 0.0987 Gee but 28736 radius anymore. Thanks so much for creating this tutorial
  7. Thanks so much! I really would love to see your next playthrough. Oh yeah and also Im still generally quite knew to this forum, so yeah, but I have some modding experience especially when it comes to JNSQalike planet packs.
  8. Can send me a list of all your soundtracks.? You and Kerbin are awesome, eh?
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