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  1. Me: I really should install Parellax, it looks awesome! My MacBook Pro 2020, Intel i5: DON"T YOU DARE
  2. What if you were to throw the Whipcrack idea out there, and let the community work on it if you don't want to? I'm sure there are modelers and coders out there who would be happy taking on this project.
  3. Could I request that you work on B2 Phase 2 before Blueshift Whipcrack? I'm more excited for B2, but other people may have other opinions.
  4. How do you make these animations in KSP anyways? Is it all handled by Waterfall, or do you need plugins or parts of the model? Because if you end up not using the Honkai: Star Rail warp animation, I'll probably end up trying to get it ingame myself... However, I don't have Blender or Unity. Also, I definitely think that the whipcrack is a great idea as long as it doesn't end up wasting too much time.
  5. Can I use the alarms without MAS? Should I use MAS anyways? I play on a laptop so I don't want too much lag.
  6. What IVA mod should I use to get the alarm buttons to work? MAS? RPM?
  7. @Angel-125 Possible bug: In earlier pre-releases, there was an inline lab part. It's CFG file is missing in the current release, but it's thumbnail and model files are still there. I'd like to use the lab module part, and this was likely a mistake, could you take a look? Oh, and which IVA mod am I supposed to use?
  8. That would be great if I had a base. Only if I had a base... Oh, and because of my mod list, the resources available on Minmus are not enough to create a fully self sustaining base.
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