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  1. In general, to avoid sliding bases, I EPL them, with launchclamps already on, or EVA construct some launchclamps on to the side.
  2. If you're concerned about the parts moving around, maybe I can put some launchclamps inside it, or use the modules for the stamp o tron ground anchor, or BG's grip pads. Also, having a few kilotons should prevent moving just due to the weight.
  3. My first idea is probably a massive arcology with builtin nursery that is an underground vault. It will be extremely heavy, but have some custom EL and sandcastle configs to be a bit cheaper because it does not need as much material. Something like this: https://kerbalx.com/Juggernoob/Vault-42
  4. @theJesuit, It may also be a good idea to cost Funds as well - you need to pay the kerbonaut as well, as much as it costs to hire them. My version, on google drive, already costs ore, and will cost snacks if it is installed. If simplex resources and snacks are both installed, I say use snacks. Once release is there, i'm planning to release my own series of patches for this mod, adding support for various other mods, and maybe add in some new functionality as well. I can't make DLLS, nor models, but I am accomplished at messing with CFG files.
  5. @theJesuit, it's just that everyone has different styles of bases. Your rings may not look the best with Planetary Domes bases, of those Pathfinder inflatables. The patch works for any crewed part without ModuleCommand, so your base can have colonists yet any style of looks. the IVA issue can be resolved my removing it in the patch.
  6. Kloning works, renaming the action in the PAW doesn't. What do you think about the patch that lets colonists live in standard crewed parts? the MM patch is: This means any part with crew capacity can be the colonist housing, if people do not like the look of the rings. or want to use mod parts.
  7. I think I've got it fixed now. By the way, what if we just had the standard crewed parts also be colonist housing? That would help for if people didn't like the ring style. I've got an MM patch to do this, but it is untested.
  8. @theJesuit, There's some issue with the colonist resource in the arcology parts, and there may be a few other bugs in that folder I have. Have you heard back from @zer0Kerbal about the MoarKerbals update?
  9. @theJesuit, It looks like the nursery ring has 2 spokes, at different heights. Is this intentional?
  10. @Angel-125, it's looking great! Question is, how will it function? will it be a Survey Station, requiring markers to be placed in advance, or a launchpad, with a designated spawn space some distance off to the side?
  11. @Angel-125, I may have said this before in another thread, but some people may want to use KFS without classic stock. for this, maybe remove propellium entirely and include a resource definition for fusionpellets? Also, even in CRP mode, DSEV's Trinity need explodium, which is only in classic stock. This could be solved by having a resource definition for explodium if calssic stock is not installed.
  12. I have a version that I have edited to contain the new parts, and removed the old dual arcology. other changes: mass of both arcologies is 250 tons mass of nursery is 75 tons both arcologies have 100 colonist capacity, and require 94 colonists for interest generation nusery can create new colonists if at least 10 exist already, costing the mass of a kerbal in ore per kerbal support for Snacks both arcologies have a 100% efficient recycler that the crew can make use of as well the nursery has a 98% efficient recycler instead of costing ore, colony growth will cost snacks Notes The micro gee arcology has its hitchhiker in the exact center, so I just used the hitchhiker iva directly the klone bay module will need to be updated when @zer0Kerbal updates MoarKerbals link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16pbfywjg46r15cPXFxAAZBN9Wy74Et1G?usp=sharing @theJesuit, when this is done, can you add it to CKAN?
  13. Nevermind - the name system has been disabled, and the recruit system requires a civillian kerbal to already exist in the part maybe MM patch the localization file? Sorry if i'm posting too much.
  14. @zer0Kerbal, It looks like the DLL is missing from the github release.
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