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  1. I found a fix! In your GameData folder there is a file called Custom_FARAeroData.cfg, delete that and you should be able to use this mod again. It took me three days to figure out, I hope this helps you aswell.
  2. Yeah, same. I'm trying a lot of different fixes to see if any of them work. I'll post whatever works for me here if I figure it out.
  3. For some strange reason since I installed and disabled FAR in my mod list, I can't edit any of the wings and they show up as large rectangular blocks. When I get home I'll edit this to include some screenshots.
  4. Not exactly sure if the mod author is still watching this forum but everything accept reloadable missile rails seem to work with this mod in 1.12.2. Not sure if its because of my mods because its heavily modded, if its the ksp version or if its something I'm doing wrong, I having a similar issue to Here is my KSP.log I tried scrolling through it to see if I can source the error but I can't seem to find it. I also probably don't know what I'm looking for so that could be the problem as well. Any help or advice would be enormously helpful. I can also provide a list of mods if that can help solve the conflict/issue.
  5. If you have Far Future Technology installed remove it. That was the only way I got the game to load.
  6. Hello, just a quick question about OPT parts and their control surfaces and wings. When I try to use any with my planes none of them seem to have any effect on aerodynamics. I have both OPT files and the OPT Config files, is there something I'm missing or are they still suppose to be broken and only for looks? I have tried the parts set with FAR and they work, but I would rather not play with that mod installed on KSP. Edit: Updating to 1.12.2 from 1.11.1 seems to have fixed the parts. I think I've solved my problems for now.
  7. Not sure if this is a FAR problem or if its something I'm doing on my part but I get this error everytime I try to use OPT parts with the FAR mod. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the OPT Config file installed.
  8. It makes me happy to see so many welcoming people thanks for the warm welcomes!
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome appreciate it!
  10. Just thought I'd introduce myself to KSP forums and get my first five posts out of the way. My name's Lightlaw been playing KSP since 2015 when I was in high school and have enjoyed it for many years. While this isn't my first time on the KSP forums this is my first time actually posting on it. I look forward to my time here and to asking and answering any questions on the forums.
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