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  1. FYI new version of scatterer most likely brakes most parts of this mod. Previous version 0772 works fine for me
  2. @Sleepy068 I have 85 mods on my modlist right now, and I noticed that issue right away, was trying to ignore it but this annoyed me to no end. So I spent hours going through each and every one of them one by one with clean reinstalls, and managed to zero it down to this mod. Now I have over 40 hours in my current playthrough and yet to see this bug repeat itself. So I am not sure why OP is so confident on this one cause I never encountered this on stock KSP. Hope this answers your question! P.S. Replied here as for me the culprit was this mod
  3. Hello! I am getting a bug when i refuel at airfield tanks i get money and negative reputation instead of just paying money. Also it seams that you can press refuel button infinitely thus making infinite amount of cash and negative reputation. Does anyone know how to fix this? I use Kerbin Side Remastered mod for structures
  4. Awesome mod, thank you! I get a slight problem, when i refuel at airfield tanks i get money and negative reputation instead of just paying money. Also it seams that you can press refuel button infinitely thus making infinite amount of cash and negative reputation. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. Yes, that's it. I wanted to use that option so after i turned it on mod always said that i have to restart the game.
  6. Just follow the instructions from this post by OP to play around with values using Scatterer GUI and determine which one suits you. Obviously you have to chose Duna instead of Kerbin and 'experimentalAtmoScale'value instead of the ones OP mentions, all the other actions are pretty much the same. (Remember that you have to edit atmo.cfg file directly to apply those values it won't work otherwise)
  7. FYI This mod causes engine sound bug after using hyper warp or switching to the map view. All engine sounds are gone and the only thing you can do is restart the game.
  8. No worries, take as long as you need =) Yes it should be when both present, because CTT is PBC's dependency, plus it moves things around in Community Tech Tree. I would certainly would like to! Not sure that NFC and SSPx Patches are possible before you introduce B9Switch support, right? Is there a good guide on how to for MM and B9 ? I balanced this around so you won't get negative values using my changes. I am sure you will se upon closer inspection when you have time. I slightly raised entryCosts for balance. I didn't touch weight values, but i did change energy consumption by the drills, so that it would take more effort to mine UBT. I send translation on GitHub, hope it will help promote your mod further! Can't wait to see where you take it =)
  9. Update. I played around with some values and found pretty decent balance overall. Changes: I also edited additional values for compatibility with Community Tech Tree (CTT) + Probes Before Crew (PBC) // Those edits are dirty, i did not create a separate patch cause no matter how hard i tried i could not wrap my head around how to get it working (too dumb im afraid). I only hope that it will help you somehow to create a proper patch in the future or maybe some guru from forum could help - Here is what i changed
  10. I am afraid this all is too complicated for me, I tried messing around with patches but to no avail =( I am too new for KSP modding All i can offer is testing and feedback at the moment, so here it is: For SSPx Containers i would suggest using following set of decals provided by the mod itself: RareMetals for Gold Ore Substrate for Pure Gold Minerals for Unobtainium they all have somewhat matching aesthetics As for NFC it will be much harder as there is only 1 set of decals for Ore and it uses Stock texture placed inside a Truss. So maybe it is possible somehow to place your own decals (Changed Gold, Red and Blue from the Stock black one) or change the color on existing one? Also i would like to offer feedback on a current state of the mod: 1) Balance is off in my opinion. Storage containers need a value revamp, so that they are identical in sizes to their stock counterparts, 2) Prices for resources need a little nerf - the offer way too much (5 mil for full Unobtainium), 3) Unobtainium need a smaller radial container, 4) Drills need balance aswell, so that it is way more costly to mine for Unobtainium (sorta simulates a deep vein or something like that) And lastly, FYI CKAN version of the mod has not been updated - it still has the one were you get negative values in VAB Hope my observations help you somehow and I can't wait for this mod to blossom! My favorite part about it is simplicity - just enough additional gameplay mechanics to enjoy Stok-ish KSP without flooding it with ridiculous amount of resources like Community Resource Pack does. P.S. I am so sad to let you down and i like this mod so much that even as useless as I am, still would like to contribute somehow. I noticed on github that you seek translations, i could offer a Russian one if that would be of any help to you. Let me know if you require one, I will gladly do the best i can on this small task =)
  11. Hello, thank you for maintaining this awesome mod! Is there a possibility to add compatibility to Near Future Construction Trusses and Station Parts Expansion Redux Ore containers? They don't recognize gold. Would be awesome if it worked. Maybe there is some easy edits i can make myself to make them work together?
  12. Just wanted to share some love and say that I have a blast playing your mod! Is there a way to increase rewards for missions? I find them a little bit underpaid for the amount of time spent completing. Thank you for your work!
  13. I am sorry for not being clear enough - it keeps saying that mod detected a new part without me adding any new mods, it wants me to keep restarting the game infinitely. I managed to find the culprit - "allow manipulatable parts to have volumes changed" option. If i disable it all works as intended. Also parts that have storage capacity are not flagged as manipulatable in EVA, for example crew parts from Missing history and Station Parts Expansion Redux.
  14. Mod keeps saying that i have to restart the game LOG
  15. This mod makes tutorial mission where you need to launch onto the orbit of kerbin impossible to complete. May have to do with attitude adjustments maybe? You cant follow target markers on navball successfully during this mission - it always says "something went wrong, restart" even if you use autopilot as instructed in a mission. After removing this mod all works fine
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