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  1. Thats nice, I'll try to make this after the game loads.. Thanks!
  2. I mean how do i put a picture that you can click
  3. Anyone has ideas for planes in BDA? I'm kind of bored.. Here "are" the thing(s) that I already made: 1 single biplane Hope you could help, thanks in advanced!
  4. Your Welcome! wait- you have a gpu that doesnt support ksp so maybe thats why it crashes if you already know it, oops
  5. Oh, try verifying game files and see if it works. Maybe you have deleted a game file. If that doesnt work - Reinstall GPU drivers - Update GPU Drivers - Disable Background Apps - Downgrade your GPU goodluck.
  6. Maybe because your GPU is old? My gpu is alot worst than yours but still has 40 to 200 fps.
  7. This might not be the best answer cause I'm new but try this: Goodluck!
  8. Please help me, this started like 2 days ago. I cant hold some objects, i cant right-click and i cant even rotate my camera. (Version is 1.12) Mods that i use: 999_KSP-Recall, AviatorArsenal, B9_Aerospace_ProceduralWings, BDArmory, Firespitter, NearFutureProps, PlanetaryBaseInc, PhysicsRangeExtender, RetractibleLiftingSurface, RetroFuture, SCANsat, SM_Industries, SXT, TweakScale and VesselMover. I hope this is the right forum, thanks in advance! https://imgur.com/a/eNSxlIw is the video. Fix: I think there were some incompatible mods that I used, I deleted some and KSP worked like brand new!
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