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  1. https://imgur.com/a/GEuyNXU Hi, I have a strange problem since today. I played KSP yesterday without any problems. When i try to start it today i get an error message from steam : An error occurred while updating KSP (invalid platform). Unfortunately, since today, CKan has also stopped working. It cannot be started and an error list appears. as 1st and 2nd is there: unhandled exception : a device connected to the system does not work. I have no explanation for the problem, mainly because I haven't changed anything since yesterday. no updates installed neither from mods nor from Steam, KSP or CKan. a photo of the CKan error list can be found under the link how can I fix this ? thanks
  2. @RoverDude Hi, I would like to install just the Orca command module. Which files do I have to copy out for this? Many Thanks
  3. Installed your update. Unfortunately the booster does not lift off . Everything is going according to plan, the countdown is over and the engines are firing. However, it does not take off but falls back onto the starting table at full thrust. I'm not sure if that's because of your script or because of SEP. Anyone else had this problem? Thrust to weight ratio is well above 1. Fuel is correct on all parts
  4. hey sorry for the late reply. had exams this week and no time to play. I've also used regular liquid fuel and oxidator and tried crew and cargo. Do you still need video and logs?
  5. I changed the language. Now everything works fine. Until staging. Then the Starship flips wildly and accelerates. After a few seconds it lines up properly, but only accelerates at 1/3 throttle and fails to make it into orbit. The booster also lands about 20m away from the launchpad, but I haven't checked the coordinates yet. Booster landing itself looks correct though. thx for your help.
  6. Yes no problem. Here is the screenshot with kOs interface and KSP Console https://imgur.com/gallery/mtgIxxd
  7. just noticed when i toggle the power of the kos terminal off and on again (in the donnager main body menu), then the interface reappears but immediately disappears again
  8. @Janus92have all installed. When I go to the launch pad, the interface pops up and immediately disappears. It happens again when reloading or when I reset the flight what can i do ? thx.
  9. Hi @Janus92 In which folder do I have to copy the content of the ZIP file?
  10. Hi, i have the problem that if I want to land with Mechjab 2, he sends me to a huge orbit or at any point in nothing and then stays there. Instead of braking, Mechjeb simply accelerates. Whether Kerbal or Mun. Has anyone a solution to the problem?
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