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  1. The problem was because the mods were in a second gamefolder inside the real gamefolder, so moving them fixed it.
  2. Hey, I just downloaded this mod and the planets are there but all the textures seem to be missing. The planets are blank white spheres and the rings are simply textureless white disks as well, and all the moons except eeloo are just completely missing. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  3. Basically, I\'m just curious to see what everyone\'s getting on their flights after having seen this... That\'s right, it spells Billy-Bobdorf Kerman. What have you guys been seeing as your weirdest kerbal names?
  4. It\'s not mandatory to learn it, but you still have french classes like anywhere else that encourage it. If you go to an english school, it\'s not as important though.
  5. I strive to believe you speak Latin.
  6. Yes, I live in the french part of Canada. English is actually my 2nd language...
  7. Nice airplane, but I recommend you do as Dogon has suggested.
  8. Tu devrais afficher ceci dans la section Support ou le bureau francais dans la section International. Mais pour ton erreur je ne sais pas si tu utilise la démo ou la version complete, mais une option est de supprimer ton dossier KSP_Win et le re-télécharger. Bonne chance!
  9. I agree. But if you can find me a built-in cockpit and shoulder wings, I\'d be glad to take them.
  10. Ah, yes. The famous Pipers. I do agree it looks somewhat like the Piper PA-28.
  11. Ladies and kerbalmen, I present the Kessna 172. Modeled roughly after its real-life cousin the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, it flies like a dream and it\'s guaranteed to send your head soaring into the clouds and freefall back down give you the journey of a lifetime. Featuring a set of 3 pontoons with built-in landing gear, one of the most powerful propellers on the civilian market, fully controllable navigation lights with 4 modes and magnificent control, you WILL enjoy it. Brought to you by KessnaTM, manufacturing top-grade civilian airplanes since 2012. Warning: Note that this is not a stock aircraft. Download
  12. Reminds me of the original 80\'s Transformers cartoon. Well done.
  13. Imgur is what I use, it works perfectly and is extremely simple.
  14. I followed the node hotfix instructions, but even then I\'m only able to attach things on the top and bottom.
  15. I will forever grief.
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