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  1. I think the developers did not just show the newspaper with Apollo 11, maybe this is a reference to the approximate date when the release date will be announced? I put the date July 16 - July 24 of this event
  2. read carefully, it is said that it is necessary to make a mountain, peak or area of the planet, on which there will be no atmosphere, but on the rest of it there will be (atmosphere)
  3. Hello everyone I would like to tell you about such an idea, how to make a sufficiently high mountain or an area with a high altitude above sea level on some planet. In this area, the atmosphere ceases to act, but gravity acts, it would be rather unusual, as an analogue of Everest on earth (after all, there is almost no oxygen there), only much, much more. And accordingly, on the one hand, this would facilitate landing on the planet, and on the other hand, the kerbonauts would still have to experience the entry into the atmosphere, because a dense atmosphere begins immediately on the slope. I think this is quite unusual, what do you say?
  4. television, it's a bit different. Not just as independent space bodies, but precisely moving towards the planet, that is, as a threat to both the cucumber and the base. you can even say a meteor shower can be washed down, if you add the possibility. And so the trick is that they just fall in random variants
  5. Hello everyone, I don't know if this topic was raised, but this may be interesting. I suggest adding small randomly generated comets, asteroids that will either orbit the planet or its satellite, or just in space. In the first option, which I will develop, it is assumed that the asteroid can either itself or with our help descend and collide with the planet's surface, with the corresponding physics and plasma animation. After it collides with the planet, black, gray soot may appear + if the asteroid is large, then a pit of a certain size. In principle, everything, if you have any questions or clarifications, I will be happy to answer
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