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  1. low tech, Laythe's atmosphere is quite ok
  2. I'm asking because I just upgraded to windows 11, and I'm afraid that KSP is a bit too heavy to run, but the demo isn't heavy.
  3. Jeb wanted to take a break from all of his work and decided to invite bob, bill and val to a barbecue, they accepted. But when jeb arrived home, and tested the grill, he discovered it had no gas, and he didn't had time to go buy more, so he ran to the VAB, grabbed all of the liquid fuel tanks (rocket, jet and xenon), dismanteld them in his junkyard, compressed them into grill gas, and put the fuel on his grill; he had a nice barbecue, but the KSA discovered there were no fuel tanks next day, only monopropellant and SRB's were left, and they promised to launch a rocket to the mun that day! Your mission: Getting to the Mun using only Solid fuel boosters and monopropellant. Normal: Get to the Mün, plant a flag, and getting back using only SRB's and monopropellant Hard: Same, but without monopropellant Bonus mode: Hard mode, but Minmus Legend mode: Surprise me! Rules: No cheats! (Part clipping, Cheat/debug menu, Kraken drives, mods, etc) No liquid fuel, jet fuselage, nor xenon is allowed for this challenge, only Solid fuel and monopropellant (On hard mode and Bonus mode use only Solid fuel) No expansion DLC You must plant the flag and get back to kerbin, if you don't plant it, you don't completed it The ship must be manned and the kerbal must survive reentry you must land, if you crash it doesn't count You Must send a video of the mission, good luck kerbonauts!
  4. Well, it's the smolest so far so I guess you win
  5. That is just perfect, you win the challenge! (unless someone does it on laythe
  6. Every summer, the KSC lauches a rocket to get minmus kream (minmus ice cream) so they can sell it to "normal" kerbals and enjoy a summer snack , but this year the KSA revealed that minmus is going to melt and reveal a boring layer of unedible glass by 2023, so everyone wants minmuskream right away , although it's not summer, beause they are afraid there won't be enough of it for the summer. Your mission, bring as much of it to kerbin in a single mission. Normal mode: go to minmus and mine 40 tons of ore and bring them to Kerbin Hard mode: same, but bring 80 tons Bonus mode: hard mode, but only use radial holding tanks Legend mode: Surprise me Rules: You must do it in 1 mission You can only use 1 craft for the mission You can't use part clipping, nor kraken drives No cheat menu! You craft must survive reentry You can't use the mined ore for fuel!
  7. right Gonna make a mission to duck another segment and escue soon
  8. Sorry, but Jeb and val and in kerbin's seas in an underwater rover (more on that soon) and they are too precious for going to jool. So I sent Bob & Bill to train Gical Kerman and other newcomers to the program.
  9. hi! I wanted to make this challenge to make a lifter body aircraf after this picture and, it should be that hard in KSP, right? NORMAL: fly it on kerbin, unmanned allowed CHALLENGE: kerbin, manned SUPER CHALLENGE: laythe, either manned or not IMPOSSIBLE: surprise me! You must send screenshots (or video) of ur WHOLE mission, good luck!
  10. Hi! I decided to do this challenge because I lost Val in an eve rover accident a day ago (don't worry, just Missing in action, but Jeb, her husband doesn't know that she is missing yet ) so, I decided to challenge you to return from Eve in the smallest spaceraft as possible. The rules are the next: The spacecraft must arrive to Eve without cheat menu (else, you're not allowed to compete) 1.1. You must record a video of ur whole mission, from the VAB to Eve, and then back to Kerbin to prove you got this criteria Your spacecraft must not only be the smallest possible, but also the lightest possible. The spacecraft must be Manned (but with kerbals, not with humans) You must get back to kerbin with a singe launch! (Don't rescue your Kerbal(s) or else u will get unqualified) You must LAND on Eve, else you will be unqualified You get 4 extra points by landing on Gilly before/after landing on Eve Mods and expansion DLC are forbidden If there's a tie, I'll judge by number of parts of your ship
  11. Well, it is decent that you left Jeb some minmus-cream, because minmus is melting, and in KSP2 it will be glassy!
  12. Hi, I woud like to know if you can make planets ithout kopernicus?
  13. no, @James Kerman, it finished into orbit and I had to kill the vessel to recover Jeb, any ideas to improve?
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