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  1. You can just simply right click the vessels probe core and rename
  2. @Scarecrow71 another way to fine tune your maneuver while focused at another body is to use the maneuver info button below the map view button the place where it says orbit just click the arrows till it says maneuver 1 or the number of maneuver u want to edit should look like this, the slider will change the amount of deltaV added at every change (reduce it the more u want to fine tune). Orbit + / - will change the no of orbits later u start the burn and the two arrows in middle of all nodes will change the place where the burn will start from (it is to move the manuever forward in the orbit to make it happen later or to bring backward to make it earlier, kinda like the orbit + and -)
  3. I dont think there is a way to do it in stock ksp and im not aware of any mods to do so.
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