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  1. Is there some setting or coding that needs to be there for Mechjeb to recognize a docking port? I tried looking at the code but well C# isn’t my strong point.
  2. I do the standard control from here for the approaching ship’s docking port and select “set as target” on the station’s docking port
  3. I'm trying Mechjeb's docking autopilot with Angel-125's MOLE Mk2 Docking Port. When I set the port as the target it keeps saying the target is not a docking port. Any suggestions?
  4. Yeah. I basically made a crude version of the Boeing Quad TiltRotor and used Throttle Controlled Avionics. It's very slow and only works with the rotors tilted up, but well I'm very bad at aircraft building
  5. Facepalm. I forgot it showed them when I imported it. Here are the missing modules: FlightEngineerModule, SnacksControlSource, trajectoriesVesselSettings, & SoilRecycler
  6. I don't know. Where would I go to find what the unknown modules are?
  7. I did a manual install. It appears to have installed correctly. I have yet to build anything though. I will update with more info as I try using it.
  8. I downloaded the sample craft and KSP said they were incompatible. I tried brute forcing it by just changing the version in the V-22 craft file to 1.12.2. It then said there are unknown modules. I opened it up anyway in the SPH and tried launching it. It's extremely unstable. Either it will tumble backwards if the rotors are up or it will nose dive with the rotors forward. I've tried messing around with the wings but I can't get it stable. Any advice?
  9. On CKAN "Heisenburg CRP Play Mode" shows up in the compatible mods list for 1.12.2, but I get this message when trying to install it "Heisenberg-PlayMode-CRP v2.17.4 depends on Heisenberg, which is not compatible with the currently installed game version". Any suggestions?
  10. I'm running 1.12.2 and neither Airplane+ nor Firespitter show up in CKAN. Will installing Airplane+ work? It looks like the max version is 1.8.1. And, well I'm a layman when it comes to mods. So, I don't want to break anything
  11. Never mind. Hadn't noticed the "sample craft" link on the main page
  12. Could the following labs be added as possible substitutes for the stock lab? These names are taken from the PartsInfo mod BSLcrewCabinScience from the better science labs continued mod Either Orig Name: WBI_D2Centrifuge or Updt Name: WBI.D2Centrifuge from the DSEV mod Either Orig Name: WBI_HomesteadMK3 or Updt Name: WBI.Homestead MK3 from the DSEV mod wbiNautilusCentrifuge from DSEV mod TranqulityHab from the DSEV mod Either Orig Name: WBI_Mole182 or Updt Name: WBI.Mole182 from the MOLE mod OrbitalColonyScienceDeck from the Orbital Colony mod wbiCastilloObservatory from the pathfinder mod Either Orig Name: WBI_DocSciLab or Updt Name: WBI.DocSciLab from the pathfinder mod Either Orig Name: KKAOSS_Central_Hub or Updt Name: KKAOSS.Central.Hub from the Planetary Bases Inc. mod Either Orig Name: KKAOSS_Science_g or Updt Name: KKAOSS.Science.g from the Planetary Bases Inc. mod TaurusScienceBay from the SpaceTuxLibrary mod
  13. I have seen this as well. And, it was with barring this a stock game. I just looked and it still shows. This is the only thing I've been able to find about it, and it's from the KSP Wiki. It has both in the about box: "Experiment = roc[unknown]" And, in the usage area: "Search for a surface feature from the Breaking Ground expansion, they can be found either by flyby or by using the ROC finder in the cheat menu." It says the same in each of the scanning arm pages. Here is a link to one of them: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/CRSY_Light_Scanning_Arm
  14. I am absolutely loving this mod but I have one issue and a question. The issue is no matter what I do the rover is slightly moving. By which I mean even with the brake group activated it keeps jumping between zero and .1 m/s. It doesn’t seem to be actually moving just doing this weird action (hopefully that makes sense). And, while trying to do a scan with one of the scanning arms it interrupts it every time. What all information do you need? (I’m new to reporting issues). And/or, am I doing something wrong with the designs? My question is do you have any tips or resources for developing Buffalo aircraft and subs? Again I really love this mod, all your mods really, and just want to say you do great work
  15. Hello everyone. I'm not sure how to go about this so let me know if there's more information I need to give. I'm running the latest version of KSP with the latest of this mod, and it isn't tracking some of the different experiments provided by some mods. These mods being Angel-125's MOLE and SCANsat. There may be more. I've just noticed these while progressing through the game. It does show Angel-125's Buffalo Biome Research experiment. Is there anything I can do to enable the mod to show them? This is an excellent mod though! Edit: I noticed in the mod’s Plug-in Data folder’s science.cfg that those experiments have = Avoid All with them. Is there a way to disable them?
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