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  1. Yea, EVA chutes are fair game. Main goal is that Jeb must return alive. Whether you land him with EVA chute or land/splashdown the spacecraft is up to you (landing the craft intact gets you higher level tho)
  2. Hello lads. Did some work trying to build a moon-orbit capable craft, but ended up overachieving on my own plans. But let's not get ahead of ourselves There are lots of differences compared to the first one: Cupola instead of Mk1 Lander can, tri-engine second stage instead of one engine and a relatively massive booster with 6 Swivels and 1 Reliant in the center. Why Cupola you may ask, since Mk1 Lander is lighter? Because Cupola has a much stronger reaction wheel, which helps with attitude control, and bigger battery charge, which gives me more leeway in terms of electricity management Ascent is different in comparison to normal rockets: it is very unstable if you start the gravity turn early due to lack of aerodynamic surfaces or strong reaction wheels, so I first fly straight up until I clear the thicker parts of the atmosphere and start the turn at around 8ish km. At that point it flies stable without any issues After I leave the atmosphere, I burn off the booster stage and complete the circularization with the second stage I reach the orbit with around 2500 m/s of deltaV, which should be enough to enter the stable orbit around Mun and return to Kerbin. So I did my transmunar burn and then entered the orbit around Mun. For both burns I used Terriers only due to their better efficiency At this point I had around 1100-1200 m/s dV left. It would be enough to either return to Kerbin or land on the Mun without return to Kerbin. And to be fair, this craft was indeed intended to just do an orbit around the Mun and return. But then I suddenly realized that because Terriers extended further than the Swivel engine due to the bigger tanks I could in theory land just hard enough to destroy both of them, which would save a lot of dry mass and possibly leave me enough fuel to return to Kerbin. So I decided why not and went for it. After deorbit burn I switched the Swivel back on, turned off the Terriers and transferred what fuel was left in the big tanks into the small central one I will not lie to you lads, landing the way I wanted took A LOT of attempts: I either landed too softly and bounced off, too hard and destroyed the whole craft, not hard enough and destroying only one of the tanks and so on so forth, you get the idea. I even managed to land once with destroying one big tank and the small central one with Reliant, but somehow the other big tank survived intact (needless to say that it flew awfully with CoM shifted from the centerline so much lmao). But eventually, after 20 minutes of seemingly non-stop quick loads, I managed it. And the work fully paid off! I had about 1200 m/s of delta V after landing which was plentiful for a return flight Return flight to Kerbin was quite trivial I did several aerobraking passes to shed off the speed and eventually entered the atmosphere Initially I planned to ditch the craft and parachute Jeb to the surface. However, my choice of command pod for the mission paid off in unexpected way: Cupola turned out to be draggy enough to noticeably reduce the fall speed, to the point that I actually had just enough delta V left to attempt a well timed suicide burn... Yeah, you can see where this goes: another long session of attempts and quick loads. The fact that I was landing during the night didn't help, but at least KER readouts made it easier. Kerbin landing actually took less time to get right than Mun landing And there we have it! A Mun orbiter that inadvertedly turned into a Mun lander and returned safely to Kerbin. Which makes it a Level 2+++ craft, with extra + for landing the craft intact on the surface of Kerbin. I will be attempting to build a Level 3 in the meanwhile
  3. Well, since I started this challenge, I might aswell post the first submission as a benchmark of sorts Quite a simple design This makes it Level 1+ achievement. I will be working on Level 2 and 3 crafts aswell Speaking of achievements: I made some badges for the challenge completers! My Photoshop skills aren't particularly good and the badges themselves are rather simple, but I think they have the aesthetic that is representable of this challenge. If anyone wants to make better versions I will be very grateful . Top post will be updated accordingly PART 1 BADGES: Level 1 and 1+ PART 2 BADGES: Levels 2 to 2+++ PART 3 BADGES: Levels 3 to 3+++
  4. For the first point, as 18Watt said, you can explode the booster stage with an engine of your second stage. You can also get creative and decouple through lithobraking (this strat is used in some 3 Part Challenge videos I saw on YouTube). Or figure out some other way, but I personally know these two. As I said, unorthodox techniques For the second point, you can either exit the command pod on descent and parachute to the surface, or pack enough fuel for a powered descent Falcon 9-style. I splashed down my Mun fly-by vehicle that way, so it is , while not easy, but certainly possible
  5. I searched in the forum incase anyone already submitted this challenge idea, but didn't seem to find anything, so here it goes! Every part in KSP has its own manufacturer. One of these manufacturers is Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co. Seeing as CEOs of humankind are sponsoring their own space programs, famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) kerbonaut Jebediah Kerman decided to one up them and actually fly the rockets that he built himself and reach the ends of Solar System that very few could reach. Challenge Rules: You are only allowed to use parts made by Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co. Jebediah Kerman must be in control of the craft that you build. You are allowed to pick up some other kerbonauts with you in Hitchhiker Storage Container if you like, but the command pods must be occupied by Jeb. Any cheats, part mods, physics mods, or anything that might affect stock gameplay are forbidden. Graphic mods and telemetry mods like KER are allowed. Planet packs are allowed as long as you mark which one you have in your post Play on Normal difficulty or harder. Gamemode is up to your choice Light part clipping is allowed, but don't overdo it (no fancy stuff like clipping lots of engines into one spot or something like that) Did the challenge? Post proofs, screenshots, videos. You can also post the link to craft file if you like, but that isn't mandatory At first glance, this might seem like an easy enough task... until you look at the part selection There is a decent selection of engines, from "Ant" to NERVA, and various 1.25 meter tanks. Unfortunately that's where pretty much all of the selection ends. There are only two command pods, both single seaters. No decouplers. Basic fin as the only aerodynamic device in your disposal. No reaction wheels and no batteries or any means of generating electricity except for engine alternators. No heat shields. No parachutes even. Long story short, you don't have much to play with Still, with accurate planning and utilizing some unorthodox techniques like explosive staging you can build a craft that can go quite far and then some. From my first testing I managed to get to orbit and then do a Mun fly-by with a revised design. So the challenge levels will be based according to that. I advise you to do the challenges in a row, but if you feel confident you can jump levels: PART 1: We gonna start off simple: get to orbit! LEVEL 1 : Return Jeb safely back to Kerbin surface LEVEL 1 +: Land or splashdown your craft intact on Kerbin. If your craft is multi-stage design, you must land the stage with command pod PART 2: I assume you can easily get to orbit and return to surface by this point, so how about we go to the Kerbin's moon! LEVEL 2 : Do a fly-by of Mun or Minmus and return to Kerbin LEVEL 2+: Enter a stable orbit around Mun or Minmus, complete at least one orbit and then return to Kerbin LEVEL 2++: Land on Mun or Minmus and then return to Kerbin Extra + if you land or splashdown your craft intact on Kerbin after completing the journey PART 3: You conquered Kerbin's SOI, so it is time to go interplanetary! LEVEL 3: Do a fly-by of another planet and return to Kerbin LEVEL 3+: Enter a stable orbit around another planet, complete at least one orbit and then return to Kerbin LEVEL 3++: Land on another planet and then return to Kerbin Extra + if you land or splashdown your craft intact on Kerbin after completing the journey The challenge will have two separate categories, one for Stock and one for DLC because Making History DLC adds a lot of new parts that are manufactured by Jebediah's Junkyard and I want to keep everything fair If this gets enough traction I might make special badges for each level, but let's see how it will go first. If you have any suggestions feel free to write them! If you're not sure how to find parts specifically made by one manufacturer, you can sort them out in VAB/SPH by following these steps COMPLETION BADGES PART 1: Level 1 and 1+ PART 2: Levels 2 to 2+++ PART 3: Levels 3 to 3+++ HALL OF FAME OJT - Level 1+ Stock, Level 2+++ Stock Have fun!
  6. I know that, but I think it's more to do with the weight of the van. The whole thing weighs about 22.5 tons, it wasn't particularly fast on Kerbin to begin with, but Minmus' almost nonexistent gravity only makes it worse
  7. People think that Minmus is made out of mint ice-cream. While it is easy to make such mistake, Minmus isn't made out of mint ice-cream. You can figure out youself what it's actually made of after seeing my rover lol Only downside is that it is painfully slow, but the aesthetic is worth it I think. Fully functional too: has a Lab with science experiments onboard
  8. This is my Eve research plane that I've built somewhat recently. Prop powered, can fly autonomously if needed, lots of electric charge, Mobile Lab + almost every science experiment that the stock game has to offer (almost because I annoyingly forgot to put Atmospheric Spectro-Variometer), space for 26 Kerbals (only 9 went on the mission though), large container unit filled with various goodies and capability to fly infinitely during daytime thanks to solar panels on the wings and RTGs inside the cargo bay. Optimizing the plane design to survive Eve reentry and landing took quite some time, but after rigorous testing in Sandbox I ended up with design that can survive reentries from low Eve orbit fairly consistently and land softly on the surface. It does NOT have any rocket engines on board, which means I will need another lander to eventually retrieve my kerbonauts, but this craft was designed for very long-duration exploration mission anyway so I am not that concerned about its inability to return to orbit In the spoiler you'll find the whole launch process of this plane, from launchpad all the way to Eve surface and flag planting. My first manned landing on Eve too, so that's nice . Flag planter is Bob Kerman (Jeb and Bill are on Duna surface base so they couldn't join in)
  9. Here's my entry with a relatively simple design 2 RAPIERs and one NERVA engine. It has a probe core so it can be flown autonomously. Fuel tanks aren't filled up completely so you can balance the weight around if needed. And it also has a cargo bay, which is somewhat small but sizeable enough to fit, for example, this Minmus lander Next set of pictures show the craft getting to orbit, deploying the payload and returning back to KSC autonomously, while the pilot in the lander continues all the way to Minmus and lands here. Pilot also returned back to Kerbin in the same lander successfully, but I forgot to take pictures Here's the craft file if anyone is interested
  10. Hello there Been playing the game for about 280 hours on Steam and enjoying every second of it. I advanced quite far in my Career save and explored big part of the Kerbol System. Then I saw the Jool 5 thread and decided to attempt it myself. I will be attempting both Level 3 (land one unique Kerbal per each moon) and Jebediah's Level (collect as much science) challenges for my Jool 5 attempt. Game difficulty is Normal Part 0: Prep Work We gonna start... with unmanned mission first. Thing is, Jool is pretty much the only planet that I didn't research extensively and except for couple of relays and (partially successful) Laythe drone landing I haven't done much around there. Doing unmanned mission first will give me a good training on maneuvering inside the Joolian System and it is also a good opportunity to establish a satellite network (KerbNet can be useful to determine landing spots and various biomes). Also, I will launch satellites with Resource Scanners to determine good landing spots for ISRU mining Here's the satellite stack: 16 big dish relays, 4 per each inner moon and 2 per each outer moon. 4 resource scanners, 1 per inner moon and the 4th one will first scan Bop and then travel to Pol Here's the launch vehicle. I sadly don't have Making History DLC, so the fairing had to be somewhat oversized to fit everything in Launch to LKO was trivial (as trivial as you can get with a rocket of that size) After trans-joolian insertion burn and over a ingame year of travel time the carrier reaches Joolian System I inserted the carrier into elliptical Jool orbit that intersected Vall's orbit and deployed the first batch of satellites Every satellite is based on MTM Stage with 4 ion engines and 2 RTGs. The satellites have full targeting capability, lots of xenon gas and enough TWR to not make the burns too slow. However battery charge turned out to be, let's say, lower than I needed, but I didn't know it at the time and this will come back later First on the list was Vall. And there came up the first problem: apparently RTGs don't replenish the charge of the craft when it is not in the focus. Because of that, after making my Vall insertion burns and reaching the moon, half of my satellites were lower on charge than I needed them to be (and we all know how power-hungry ion engines are). I persevered, however, and managed to place all satellites into orbits around Vall Next one was Tylo. Armed with newfound knowledge about RTGs, I stayed with each satellite after Tylo insertion burn to let it replenish the charge and this time I placed all satellites without any problems Laythe was by far the one that took longest. First, due to poor planning the encounter speed of my satellites was too high, which required very long circularization burns. Second, even though MTM Stage packs 4000 electric charge in it, it only has enough charge to fire the ion engines continuously for 2 minutes. Third, because you can only control one ship at the time (duh) and I needed to do very long burns on 5 satellites, I only managed to successfully circularize one. Due to that, I had to improvise gravity assists on the fly (although I know the basics of it, I've never done any in game), but I somehow managed it: couple of orbits around Jool, 3 correction burns and two Tylo assists later my satellites encountered Laythe with more sensible speeds and I easily placed them into orbits. Took way longer than it should've, but at least I grabbed some nice snaps After the Laythe shenanigans, reaching Bop and Pol was a piece of cake. The practice with gravity assists also helped: I used Tylo again to slingshot my sats to required paths. It didn't go completely without any screwups though: when I was focusing on something else one of the Bop relays disappeared without any trace. It wasn't on orbit that would intersect other moons' SOIs, it even had an alarm set for a correction burn, but it simply vanished. I still have no idea what could've happened to it. A sacrifice to Kraken I guess lol Bop pics After the Resource ScanSat scanned Bop, it went to Pol and scanned it aswell And this concludes the prequel to my Jool 5 attempt: a satellite network established, resources of all moons scanned, valuable lessons about orbital mechanics learned. Stay tuned for next part lads
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